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Private Charters - Big Fish Down Under



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• Family & Friends
• Business Networking
• Corporate Functions
• Honeymoon Getaways
• Luxury Day Cruising
• Whale Watching

Big Fish Down Under and Moana III Private Charter Boat offers various options for luxury day cruising with your family and friends, work colleagues, or hold business and/or
corporate functions or experience the get away from it all honeymoon cruise.
They take you on your very own private charter to destinations of your choice and with their charter boat permit they have the flexibility and expertise to visit a wide variety of exotic locations and pristine coral reefs.


You can stroll along isolated beaches, cruise along coastlines, explore islands, they can take you snorkelling to the best locations on Great Barrier Reef, or if you prefer, put your feet up and relax for the day while they take care of you with their luxury service.
If your a keen angler they will also happily do some sportfishing for trophy fish as marlin, sail fish, wahoo, cobia, coral trout, red emperor, jobfish, mackeral, tuna and many other varieties.

In certain month of the year they also cater for private whale watching cruises from Cairns.
Each year from June to October Whales migrate from the colder southern waters to the far northern waters off Cairns in large numbers as the warm water of the Great Barrier Reef is an important winter calving ground for the graceful Minke and beautiful Humpback whales.
It is not uncommon in the peak part of the season here to see 30-50 whales in a day.
So if you would like a private birds eye whale watching cruise, Moana III will happily take you to experience the brilliant performances of the Humpback Whale.


They also cater for small cocktail functions, or other functions of your choice and they also specialise in the 'get away from it all' honeymooners escape.

What's included

(Maximum number of guests; 11-12)
  • Crew - Skipper, Host, Deck Hand
  • All fishing equipment and bait,
  • Snorkelling gear including stinger suits,
  • Towels and Sunscreen
  • Water and light refreshments
  • Top shelf selection of beer & wine (Limited. RSA applies)
  • Morning Tea (fruit platter)
  • Lunch – Fresh Local Selection of Ocean Seafood such as Prawns/Bugs/Oysters, salads, cold meats and dessert
  • Afternoon Tea – Best Quality Snacks /cheeses/Antipasto platters

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Big Fish Down Under and Moana III Private Charter Boat can also cater for Private Scuba Diving Charters and Snorkelling charters for those wishing to experience one of the world's best locations, The Great Barrier Reef and The Coral Sea.

As one of the seven natural wonders of the world, this is a wonderful way to experience such a unique reef adventure. Being a Luxury Private Charter Boat, Moana III has the freedom with an open permit to move from one location to the other in what ever time frame you desire. From Cairns and Port Douglas they can visit wonderful and famous locations such as the Cod Hole (Lizard Island) Osprey Reef, the beautiful outer reefs and the Ribbon Reefs in the Coral Sea.


Experience the brilliant turquoise waters filled with thousands of marine plants, brilliantly coloured corals and animal species such as turtles, eels, rays, giant clams, starfish and an endless variety of beautifully coloured fish from the biggest gropers to the clownfish.
To experience any of these reefs is truly magical. It is the world's largest reef system and can be seen from outer space!

In the Coral Sea it is common for them to swim with whale sharks, watch a live performance of the energetic spinner dolphins or in their season, humpback whales are a daily occurrence.
They organise a fully qualified Dive Master or Dive Instructor from Pro Dive, the most reputable company in Cairns, to take you on your very own private dive charter with your own itinerary to any of the hundreds of reputable dive locations on the Great Barrier Reef and Ribbon Reefs.
Along with organising your Dive Master or Instructor, Big Fish Down Under can organise all the dive equipment you will need for your ultimate private scuba diving adventure. They also supply all of the snorkelling equipment you will require including stinger suits and everything else you need to spend a day or a week out on these magnificent and famous coral reefs.

What's included


(Maximum number guests 10-12)
  • Crew includes Daniel as Skipper, Hostess, Deck Hand **
  • All fishing equipment and bait,
  • Snorkelling gear including stinger suits,
  • Towels and Sunscreen
  • Water and light refreshments
  • Standard beer & wine (Limited. RSA applies)
  • Morning Tea (fruit platter)
  • Lunch – Fresh Local Ocean Prawns, salads, cold meats and dessert
  • Afternoon Tea – Snacks /cheese platter

*Private Scuba diving charters also includes a Dive Instructor

  • A surcharge of $50 per person may apply for numbers exceeding six.
  • Diving Charters - Day charters there is a maximum guest number of 10 plus crew. They provide on instructor; this allows only four divers to dive at one time. More instructors can be organised at client's expense.
    A full set of Pro Dive equipment is available at $50 per person per day. Extra tanks are a cost of $10 per tank.

Some fact about life in the Great Barrier Reef

  • 1500 species of fish
  • 360 species of hard coral
  • One third of the worlds soft corals
  • 4000 species of molluscs (e.g shells)
  • 1500 species of sponge
  • 800 species of echinoderms (starfish, sea cucumbers) etc
  • 500 species of seaweed
  • More that 30 species of marine mammals
  • 6 of the 7 species in the world of marine turtle
  • It can be seen from outer space

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