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Comfort Hotels | Tasmania and Northern Territory

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Comfort Hotels

Northern Territory:
Comfort Inn Gold Rush, Queenstown, TS Comfort Inn Gold Rush
Three and Half Star
65 Batchelor Street, Queenstown
Comfort Inn Gold Rush offers first class standard accommodation in a quiet location, just 2 minutes from the West Coast Wilderness Railway and town centre with local shops.
Comfort Inn Sunrise, Devonport, TS Comfort Inn Sunrise
Three and Half Star
140 North Fenton Street, Devonport
Comfort Inn Sunrise is situated in a quiet location near the mouth of the Mersey River and Devonport's Bluff beach.
Comfort Inn The Pier, George Town, TS Comfort Inn The Pier
Three and Half Star
5 Elizabeth Street, George Town
Comfort Inn The Pier is a National Award winning property situated by the beautiful waterfront of York Cove and in the heart of George Town.