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Bundaberg Aqua Scuba

Bundaberg Aqua Scuba

At Bundaberg Aqua Scuba you can learn to dive for a very competitive price. Upon course completion you will be a fully qualified diver and will be issued with a PADI International Scuba License. This will allow you to scuba dive anywhere in the world.

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is one of the largest and longest established diving organizations. They pride themselves in providing a high quality course and level of training that adheres strictly to the guidelines of PADI International.


Classroom Training

The classroom modules allow the student to learn the important things about diving to make them a safe diver. The course uses training videos and the instructor will then expand on the important points. Each module has a quiz to ensure that the student has understood the lesson. After all modules are complete there is a multi choice exam. The text, quizzes and final exam are available in many languages.


Confined Water Training (Pool)

At the swimming pool you will be introduced to the underwater world. You will learn how to assemble and check the diving gear before use. In the pool you will learn a variety of skills that you will need as a diver. You will start with just breathing underwater for the first time. More skills will be introduced as you grow in confidence. The pool sessions will prepare you to try your first open water dive.

The instructor will demonstrate the skills to you and you will have the opportunity to try them yourself.

Open Water Training (Ocean)

There are 4 open water dives in the course. These are done on the beautiful hard and soft coral reefs off the shore at Bundaberg. On the open water dives you will have the opportunity to practice the skills learnt in the pool. The ocean dives are under full supervision of your instructor. To qualify you must master the skills that were learnt in the pool. On each dive there will be an opportunity to explore the underwater world.

Sea Plant

Course Summary
  • Duration minimum 4 days
  • Start at 9am finish around 5pm
  • Students must do a dive medical. This can be arranged by Bundaberg Aqua Scuba. Cost approx $66 - $88.
    NOTE: However if you suffer from Diabetes, Epilepsy, Asthma, and high blood pressure or had chest surgery you will most likely fail a dive medical.
  • Upon course completion you will be issued with a temporary dive certificate. The full license is with photo id and will be mailed to the student by the diving organization
  • Course includes all theory, pool training and dives
  • Course includes all equipment required for diving
  • Course includes a log book
  • Course materials available in 14 languages
  • PADI Open Water Book cost $80

Course Details

The course is divided into three segments
  • Classroom training
  • Confined Water Training
  • Open Water Training

Every Mondays and Thursdays or Weekends as requested

Open Water Courses from $349 (includes GST)

Valid till 01 April 2015


Course Detail


The Advanced open water course concentrates on practical ocean diving experience. There are no classroom sessions but there is a text to read and knowledge reviews to complete. There are 5 dives in the course. The Deep and the Navigation dives must be done and the student can choose 3 others from the following list

Specialty Dives (choose 3)
  • Boat Dive
  • Wreck Dive
  • Underwater Naturalist Dive
  • Night Dive
  • Drift Dive
  • Peak Performance Buoyancy Dive
  • Search and Recovery
  • Multi level Dive

Plane Wreck

Three of the dives are done on the coral reefs off the shore of Bundaberg. The dive sites are in the Woongarra Marine Park. The other two dives are done from a dive boat diving the Cochrane Artificial Reef, 2 miles off the coast of Bundaberg.

Course Summary
  • Must be an qualified open water diver
  • Course duration 3 days
  • 5 Open water dives included
  • Deep dive and Navigation Dive are core dives
  • Choose 3 other specialty dives
  • At least 2 boat dives
  • Option of adding Great Barrier Reef dives
  • Course starts every Monday or on request (with a few days notice)

Advanced O/W Courses from $375 (includes GST)

Additional/Optional Fees: PADI Adventure Manual $80

Valid till 01 April 2015


The rescue diver course is probably the most important step in climbing the ladder towards becoming a highly qualified diver. The course aims to give the participant the skills and confidence to handle any problem situation. The diver is trained to recognize problems and act before any accident or injury occurs.

The course focuses on the early recognition and prevention of stress before and during a dive. The rescue diver will identify stress situation and act accordingly before it becomes a problem.

The course covers advanced theory on all major diving injuries. You will learn how to recognize the signs and symptoms of each, the appropriate first aid measures to take and the correct accident management protocol.

Theory Sessions


The theory covers the following topics:
  • Self-rescue and diver stress
  • Equipment Considerations
  • Emergency Management (readiness and accident management)
  • Review and Exam
Open Water session involve learning the following skills:
  • Swimming and non-swimming assists
  • Panicked diver response and underwater problems
  • Missing diver procedures
  • Surfacing the unconscious diver
  • In-water artificial respiration and equipment removal.
  • Egress (exits)
  • First-Aid for pressure related accidents
  • Diving accident scenarios

Bundaberg Aqua Scuba can run PADI Rescue diver course. The outline above was based on the PADI course. The course can be run over 3 days but can be scheduled to your requirements.

It is mandatory that the Rescue Diver has completed some training in first-aid and resuscitation skills. A current red cross or St-johns first aid course is acceptable. We can offer first aid training if required.

Bundaberg Aqua Scuba offers the Emergency First Response course. The Emergency First Response course is done in the classroom and takes one day at a cost of $100. The course covers basic first-aid and CPR (resuscitation training). This course meets the first-aid requirements of the Rescue Diver course.

Having the rescue diver qualification is the minimum qualification required for diver supervision such as a lookout. A rescue diver can also start training for the Divemaster qualification which is the first professional level of diving.


Course Pre-Requisites
  • Diver qualified as an advanced open water diver or equivalent
  • Minimum age 15 years
  • Diver must have completed first-aid training.
    (Emergency First Response (EFR) $100)
Course Summary
  • Course duration 3 days
  • Must have proof of CPR and First Aid Training within 2 years
  • Minimum age 12
  • 1 day classroom
  • 1 day pool training
  • 1 day ocean training

Rescue Diver Courses from $295 (includes GST)

Valid till 01 April 2015