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Adventures in Paradise

Untamed Papua New Guinea in ultimate luxury! Mighty rivers, impenetrable jungle, unique culture, smouldering volcanoes and classic South Pacific vista! This is one of the world’s great luxury adventure-cruises!

Adventures in Paradise
Day One:
Your “welcome aboard” is in the vibrant city of Cairns – but this time embarkation proceedings will be little different! One of their crew members will escort you aboard North Star’s very own Dash 8 aircraft! Now sit back and enjoy the comfortable flight to Alotau – a traditional islander welcome awaits. As soon as you step off the plane you will begin to reshape your impressions of the “land of the unexpected”. Perhaps the clean and fresh sea breezes will take you by surprise, or will it be the huge smiles of locals so eager to welcome you to their island paradise! After clearing customs, they will transfer you to the onboard luxury of the True North and, the delights of their renowned galley! A ‘seafood extravaganza’ would be fitting fare as they begin to cruise the Province of Milne Bay – a maritime region featuring more than 600 islands! After lunch join the first shore parties to discover ‘post card’ beaches, palm trees, tranquil villages and a flotilla of canoes. The ship’s helicopter will provide even more unique views of the many fishing villages and back on the ground; you will experience first hand the uncomplicated charm of a subsistence life style! See how everyday life is provided for with few of the modern conveniences that so many of them take for granted! The fisherman onboard will be busy providing more local fare and the area’s prolific corals will entice even those that have never snorkelled before! At days end, relax with a drink in the alfresco bar before a memorable dining experience!
Day Two:
On this mornings walk discover jungle that shelters countless varieties of birds including colourful parrots, hornbills, wild fowl and the famed bird of paradise. Many rare species of butterfly are present and Papua New Guinea is also home to over two thirds of the world’s orchid species. You may even be lucky enough to see a reclusive tree kangaroo! The fishermen will do battle with hard fighting table fish such as mackerel, yellow fin tuna and mahi mahi. You will certainly find endless irresistible beaches and amazing coral gardens that are just a ‘fin kick’ away! And, for the slightly more adventurous, Papua New Guinea’s reputation as a diving destination could very well be without peer! An excursion to the Hot Springs will top off an amazing day.
Day Three:
Start the day with a refreshing snorkel; catch your breakfast or just stroll along a pristine beach fringed with coconut palms! Then fill your day with swimming, island walks and village life as they cruise the beautiful fiords of Tufi. The ship’s helicopter will spoil with exhilarating flights to the Isurava Memorial on the Kokoda Track. Tufi is renowned for SCUBA diving and their guides will be looking forward to a spot of mackerel fishing as the setting sun heralds the end of another day in paradise.
Day Four:
As you gaze out your cabin window this morning you will notice that their overnight passage has delivered them to a very different place. This morning they are anchored in the middle of the Solomon Sea amongst the corals of Star Reef and, the strikingly beautiful yet un-inhabited Lusancay Islands. What a place!! So today let’s have some fun at the beach. Take a stroll around your very own deserted island, snorkel in the shallows or drop off the outer reef for the dive of a lifetime! The fishing is second to none. Battle with tuna, mackerel or even a sailfish. If the fisher-persons have held up their end of the bargain then coral trout could be tonight’s fare but no doubt there will be plenty of adventures to re-live in the ship’s bar!
Day Five:
Wake to find the True North off the coast of New Britain and the beautiful Jacqinot Bay area. Dense jungle and mighty rivers will dominate proceedings today as the True North’s ‘shallow draft’ provides unique access! Join their comfortable expedition boats as they explore deeper into the jungle visiting isolated villages that have little contact with the outside world and visit the grotto where fresh water pounds out of a rock face onto a pristine beach. No matter what your desire, the coast of New Britain promises unrivalled adventure! Another star filled night in the silhouette of the jungle, and tonight is party night - things might just get a little ‘South Pacific’!
Day Six:
This morning you arrive at the Duke of York Islands – 17th century trading ships collected water from here. A Methodist preacher by the name of Reverend George Brown settled here in 1875 and, the beautiful and very enterprising daughter of an American whaling captain started a trading empire here! The grim reminders of a world conflict are here too – the snorkelling expeditions will re-discover Japanese tanks in shallow island waters. The ship’s helicopter will provide stunning island views that have been the privilege of few before. Then visit Rabaul – once described as the most beautiful town in the South Pacific! Perched on the edge of a magnificent natural harbour and, surrounded by active volcanoes! In 1994, the town was smothered under a cloud of ash and now lies largely abandoned – courtesy of nearby Matupit! The volcano still belches smoke throughout the day and the helicopter flights here will be a cruise highlight!
Day Seven:
The many islands around Kavieng are a cruise highlight. A morning sing sing will be a memorable event as every man, woman and child turns out in welcome. And, what a place for diving and snorkelling! Here you find ships, planes and even submarines in shallow water and, there will be more hot action in the fishing tenders!
Day Eight:
Early morning disembarkation and charter flight back to Cairns.

This itinerary is provided as example only – prevailing conditions and local arrangements may cause variation. Papua New Guinea remains an untouched paradise and passengers are invited to join in the exploratory nature of this cruise.
Helicopter fl ights can be purchased as a package or individually.

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