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OzSail - Mandrake

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2 Days / 2 Nights

This ex-racing boat is made for speed and comfort.

Mandrake takes guests around the Whitsundays Islands for 2 days and nights, allowing you to snorkel the coral fringed Islands and explore the spectacular Whitehaven beach.

$434 Shared Single or Double

Mandrake has a maximum passenger load of 15 with a crew of 2, departing Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 1:00pm returning at 11:00am. This trip combines the benefits of an adrenaline racing experience with small groups of passengers.

Mandrake Vessel Deck Sailing

What's Included:
All prices are inclusive of crew, food, linen (except towels) and snorkeling gear (masks, fins and snorkels).

Private Double
Some boats may have double cabin surcharges on private doubles or twins.

Additional Charges:
During their Stinger Season (1 Oct – 31 May) guests must wear Lycra stinger suits. Guests will not be permitted to participate in “in-water” activities during the Stinger Season unless they are wearing a lycra stinger suit.

Stinger Suits can be rented from $20 for the duration of the trip.

Pricing & Departure Schedule:
Prices Valid 1 April 2012 – 31 March 2013. Please see attached Rates Card.
All prices are in Australian Dollars, including GST, but excluding Levies.

Dive Prices:
  • 1 Dive - $60
  • 2 Dives - $110
  • 3 Dives - $150

Payment on board is cash or credit card.

Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Levy:
All passengers are responsible for a Great Barrier Reef Marine Parks Levy, National Parks and Wildlife Levy and Administration fee payable upon check-in.
Anyone entering the Marine & National Parks area is responsible for Marine & National Park Levies. This will be collected prior to your departure at the OzSail Check In desk.
Levy (per person / trip):
- $45 for 2day/2night

This is broken down as follows:
EMC: $3.50 per day
QPWS: $1.55 per day
FUEL Levy: $ 10 per trip
Marina Fees $7.50
Administration Fee (including Gst)

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