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Booking Conditions

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All bookings are subject to these Booking Conditions and the Passage Conditions, and to the availability of the appropriate accommodation at time of booking. We draw your attention in particular to the fact that they strongly recommend you take out travel insurance.

How to book

Simply call us to make your booking. Please note, by making a reservation and paying your deposit, you will be deemed to have accepted their Booking and Passage Conditions and all other information relevant to your holiday. When you’re ready to book, please have the following ready:
  • Cruise Details – ship name, cruise number and departure date.
  • Cabin Details – the grade of cabin you wish to travel in and with how many passengers.
  • Personal Details – as they appear on each passenger’s passport or other photo ID, including date of birth, address details and a contact telephone number.


Once you have decided on your holiday, we will need a deposit to secure your booking. It is essential that deposits are received by us within three (3) days from when the booking is made. If payment is not received within this time, your booking will be automatically cancelled.

Deposit Required
Adult: $200
Child (1 - 12yrs): $100
Final Payment Due: 75 days prior to departure

It is essential that you make final payment by the due date and in accordance with the type of fare you have purchased. If payment is not received by the due date, bookings will be automatically cancelled and our Cancellation and Refunds policy will apply. From time to time, we may release promotional fares that have different payment conditions. Please ensure you check the payment conditions at the time of booking.

If you are making a booking within the ‘Final Payment Due’ period of your selected cruise, full payment is required at the time of booking.

Travel insurance

At time of deposit or as soon as practicable thereafter, it is strongly recommended that you take out comprehensive international travel insurance to protect you from a variety of eventualities, including any pre-existing medical conditions, medical issues or emergencies arising during your holiday and charges arising should you have to cancel your holiday plans. We recommend that you carry a copy of your policy with you during your cruise. P&O Cruises may not be liable for lost or damaged baggage and personal property. Please arrange travel insurance with your travel agent.


Cancellations made before the advertised date of departure will incur the following charges per person (these are also applicable for hotel packages):

Days prior to departure

Cancellation Charges

181 days or more

Full Refund^

180-76 days

Deposit Amount^

75-43 days

25% of total fare^*

42-15 days

50% of total fare^*

14 days or less

100% of total fare

 Note: ‘Total Fare’ is the total amount payable to us for your booking.

^ Any Restricted CruiseAir booked through us will be charged 100% of the total airfare paid as a cancellation fee.

* Any Flexible CruiseAir booked through us will be charged 100% of the total airfare paid if cancelled 44 days or less prior to departure. For Air cancellation fees, please refer to the specific CruiseAir Terms and Conditions.

Your Fare

Your fare is determined by the fare type, the number of passengers in your cabin, its location on the ship, the amenities offered, port charges, government taxes and any applicable airfares including taxes and fees. Child fares, where available, only apply when children are the third (3rd) or fourth (4th) passenger in a cabin and are aged under 13 years.

Fare Changes

Once booked, your fare is only subject to any increased taxes. You will be notified of this before it is added to your fare or to your onboard account.

Sometimes they will release promotional fares. These can be offered and withdrawn at any time. If after booking you decide to change to one of these promotional fares, you may need to cancel your existing booking and their Cancellation and Refunds policy will then apply.

Cabin Changes

When making a booking with a specific cabin number, please advise them or your Travel Agent if you do not want your cabin changed. This means that you would not be offered a complimentary upgrade to a higher priced category, if one was to become available. Please note that your cabin can still be changed for operational reasons, including when the number of people booked in the cabin is less than the number of beds in the cabin, or if you have selected a wheelchair accessible cabin and do not require one.

In addition, when a booking is made and a specific cabin number is not selected (known as a ‘Guarantee’), the cabin will be allocated at their discretion in the category booked, or a higher priced category, at a later date.

Fuel Supplement

They may elect to impose a fuel supplement at any time, in which case any additional fees will apply to new bookings only. The total price quoted to you at the time of booking will be inclusive of any applicable fuel supplement.

Booking Changes

Once you have made your booking, please check your invoice, ‘Cruise Personaliser’, or with your Travel Agent to ensure the details are correct. Should you need to make changes to your booking (spelling corrections or to replace a passenger*), no administration fees will apply. Please note however, that if you have a CruiseAir package, additional fees will be charged as per the CruiseAir Terms and Conditions. New passengers added to bookings, and new bookings made, within 48 hours of departure will be asked for passport information at the time of booking for security clearance. Please note, they are unable to accept new bookings or new passengers on existing bookings on the day of departure.

 *One original passenger from the booking must always remain in the cabin. If all original passengers cancel / are replaced, the booking will be subject to applicable cancellation charges. If a cancelling passenger was the only person that qualified the booking for a promotional fare (eg. past passenger fare), additional and remaining passengers will no longer be entitled to this promotional fare. The booking will revert to a different fare and the remaining passengers will need to pay the difference in cost, if any.


Passengers who are pregnant during their cruise are required to supply a physicians ‘fit to travel’ note, including your estimated due date, prior to embarkation. They are unable to accept any passengers who will have entered their 24th week or later of pregnancy, by the end of the cruise.

Minimum age to travel

To ensure there is suitable supervision, there needs to be at least one passenger 18 years or older in each cabin. However, to accommodate families cruising together, children may occupy a separate cabin to their parent/legal guardian, including an interconnecting cabin, providing one child is 16 years or over.

For cruises departing from an Australian port between 1 November and 7 January, any passenger under 19 years of age on the day they board the cruise, must travel in the same cabin as a responsible adult 19 years or older. In addition, from 8 January to 31 January, there is a limit on the number of passengers under 19 years of age who can travel unaccompanied. Once the limit is reached, a responsible adult 19 years or older must travel in the same cabin. They can advise you at the time of booking whether the limit applies to your booking. The responsible adult is accountable for passengers under 19 years of age in their cabin for the duration of the cruise, and the ‘Rights of the Captain’ will be applied to anyone who displays disruptive behaviour.

They welcome children 12 months and over to cruise with us. They are unable to accommodate infants under 12 months due to limited neo-natal facilities onboard and at ports of call. In addition, children under three (3) years must remain with their parent/legal guardian at all times, including when they attend the Children’s Centre.

Children & Teenagers

For the safety and enjoyment of all onboard, there are limits on the number of children and teenagers that can be carried within different age groups. The age of the passenger on the day they board the cruise, is the age they use for the entire holiday. They can advise you at the time of booking whether they are able to accept bookings for children and teenagers on the cruise you have chosen.

Parents/Legal guardians are responsible for children and teenagers at all times, including when in the Children’s Centres. If a child or teenager displays dangerous or disruptive behaviour, the ‘Rights of the Captain’ will be applied to both parent/legal guardian and child/teenager.

Children’s access to pools and spas may be restricted and adult supervision is required.

Children's Centres

Children less than three (3) years of age are welcome to use the Children’s Centre facilities under the direct supervision of their parent/legal guardian. To attend the Children’s Centres without a parent/legal guardian, children need to be three (3) years of age or over and toilet trained.

Use of the Children’s Centres requires daily registration and entry is on a first-come-first-served basis as places are limited. Group child minding for children 3-12 years is available between 10.30pm and 1am only, for a fee.

Requirements to Travel

Passports, visas, vaccinations and other travel documentation are your responsibility.

Without the necessary passport, visas and/or vaccinations, local authorities may deny you boarding, prevent you from going ashore, issue a fine or deny the ship entry into the port. It is also your responsibility to ensure you have all the necessary documentation which permits you to travel. If you do not have all the necessary documentation, you may be denied boarding and no refunds will be given.

For international cruises (cruises that visit a foreign port), passports are required for all passengers and must be valid for a minimum of six (6) months beyond the date of the cruise return. In addition, travel on their cruises will not revalidate an Australian or New Zealand re-entry visa.

For domestic cruises (cruises that do not visit a foreign port), a valid passport or government issued photo identification is required (Queensland ‘Adult Proof of Age Card’ will be accepted, however the older version of Queensland ‘Card 18+’ will not be accepted). For Australian domestic cruises, a current Medicare card can be used for passengers under 18 years of age. For New Zealand domestic cruises, an original or certified copy of the child’s birth certificate or a school pass with photo will be accepted for passengers under 18 years of age.

Illicit items

To ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday for all their passengers, it will be necessary for their staff and other parties, such as port and government agencies, to search you and your luggage. You agree to allow such searches. They can deny boarding or disembark any person in possession of any weapons or illicit substances. You must contact them within three (3) days of disembarking to claim confiscated items which may be returned to you if appropriate. If you do not contact them within this time your item may be destroyed.

Alcohol & Gambling

They are committed to the responsible service of alcohol. There may be times when they consider it appropriate to refuse the service of alcohol to a passenger for any reason. Passengers must be 18 years or over to purchase or consume alcohol, or gamble onboard. Government issued photo identification may be requested (Queensland ‘Adult Proof of Age Card’ will be accepted, however the older version of Queensland ‘Card 18+’ will not be accepted). Any alcohol purchased ashore will be collected at the gangway for safe keeping and will be returned to you on the last day of your cruise.

Your Health

They care about the health and safety of their passengers. To assist, please advise them at the time of booking if you have any condition that requires medical attention, medication or special treatment. If you have a medical condition, they may ask you to complete a health questionnaire.

If a passenger has a condition that they decide may seriously affect the enjoyment, health or safety of themselves or any other person onboard, they can refuse or cancel a booking, where necessary. They will give reasonable consideration when reaching this decision and will advise you as soon as possible. As long as you have provided them with a completed health questionnaire with all relevant information about the condition, you will be entitled to a full refund if they cancel your booking on the basis of this condition.

Passengers that need assistance should always be accompanied by a carer to help with day-to-day activities as their crew and medical staff are unable to act as personal carers.

Onboard Medical Centre

Each ship has a Medical Centre that is staffed by registered doctors and nurses, who are available during scheduled clinic times to provide medical care for everyone onboard. They are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for medical emergencies. Their Medical Centre is only for medical needs arising onboard and cannot cater for treatments that you know you will require while on holiday.

They are not a healthcare provider and may not be held liable for the sickness, injury or death of any passenger arising from any advice, treatment, care, services or any omission by medical staff. These medical providers exercise their own medical judgement and expertise.

Onboard Medical Charges

All cruises on their ships are outside the scope of Australian Medicare, New Zealand Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) and private health insurance. Consultations, treatments and medication are charged at private rates and must be paid by you and claimed through your travel insurance.

Other Service Providers

While they specialise in cruising holidays, you may choose to book other services with them such as flights and Shore Tours. They can assist you in making these arrangements; however, they act only as a booking agent. The service providers are solely responsible for the information and service offered and their conditions will apply. Although their responsibility is onboard the ship, where they arrange these services for you, they will assist in addressing any concerns you may have.

Any arrangements made with other service providers by or for you are your responsibility and entirely at your own risk.

Ship & Itinerary Changes

They will do everything they reasonably can to make sure everything goes according to plan; however, sometimes changes can happen that may affect your holiday experience. This could include weather, mechanical difficulties, civil unrest or any other unforeseen circumstances.

In addition, they may charter all or part of the ship, or remove the ship from service where this becomes necessary. They may change the itinerary, ship or cancel the cruise due to operational or commercial requirements.

They will notify you of these changes as soon as they can. Where they cancel a cruise or make a significant change to the ports in your itinerary prior to departure, you will have the choice of:

1. the new itinerary;

2. an alternative cruise of comparable standard, if available; or

3. cancelling the cruise for a full refund of your fare paid.

Once your cruise has commenced, if they are required to change the itinerary or cancel the cruise due to safety, maritime law, severe weather or to protect human life or health, they are not required to provide any compensation unless consumer laws provide otherwise. With this in mind, please do not make any important arrangements or meetings based on the proposed itinerary.

Rights of the Captain

If a passenger seriously affects the safety, well-being or enjoyment of themselves or any other person onboard, the Captain has the right to confine, sedate or disembark the passenger. In such cases, they are not responsible for any expenses including your return home. In addition, you will not be entitled to any refunds. While the Captain will always act reasonably in these circumstances, you accept that the safety, well-being and enjoyment of everyone onboard, comes first.

Leaving the cruise early

If you are required, or choose, to leave the cruise for any reason (unless caused by their proven negligence or failure to provide services with due care and skill and that are reasonably fit for purpose), they are not responsible for any expenses, including your return home. This also applies if you do not return to the ship in time for sailing after a port visit. If they assist with any costs, you will need to repay them on your return. In addition, you will not be entitled to any refunds.

P&O Pacific Partnership

P&O Cruises is committed to supporting communities in the destinations they visit. As part of their P&O Pacific Partnership Program a $1 donation to Save the Children will be automatically added to the onboard folio of each passenger aged 18 years or over. This is an optional donation and you may remove it from your account at the Reception Desk before you disembark.

Legal Matters

In the unlikely event you have reason to take legal action, you agree to use all reasonable efforts to bring the issue to their attention as soon as possible.

This contract is governed by the laws in force in New South Wales. You agree that any action you bring against them will be brought in New South Wales.

If you have a claim against them, you agree only to bring action against them and not any of their related bodies corporate as defined in the Corporations Act 2001(Cth).

Where consumer laws and other laws permit them to exclude their liability, they will not be liable for:

    • loss of, or damage to, any luggage or other belongings
    • sickness, injury or death,

unless caused by their proven negligence or failure to provide services with due care and skill and that are reasonably fit for purpose.

In addition, their liability will be reduced in proportion to any negligence or fault on your part.


They act as agent for the airline carrier in making your flight booking through the CruiseAir tool. It is important that you are familiar with your airline’s terms and conditions, including important liability limitations. Terms and conditions for each fare can be viewed in the CruiseAir tool prior to booking.

IATA Conditions of Contract are available at for
Prices are per person inclusive of all flight taxes and fees except locally payable airport taxes. You should check baggage restrictions with your airline as fees may apply.

You have the option of booking Restricted Air or Flexible Air.
E-tickets will be issued for all bookings and are non-refundable.

Payment for Restricted Air is required upon booking and must be made by credit card. Payment for Flexible Air is due at the final payment date for your cruise. If you book Flexible Air after the final payment date for your cruise you will be required to pay at the time of booking by credit card.

Please note that a 1.5% credit card surcharge applies to credit card payments. The total amount payable for your booking, including any applicable surcharges will be advised to you before you proceed with payment. If booking through a travel agent and paying by credit card you will be asked to sign an authorisation form for your agent to provide them with your credit card details to process payment.

Changes and Cancellations
Please note that cancellation of your air booking does not result in cancellation of your cruise. If you also wish to cancel your cruise please refer to the ‘Cancellation & Refunds’ section of the passage contract applicable to your cruise. The passenger who appears on the flight booking must be the passenger who travels.

Restricted Air
Changes are not permitted for Restricted Air bookings. In accordance with the terms and conditions of your airline, any changes, including name changes will result in cancellation without refund and require rebooking which may be subject to higher fares. Failure to check in will result in cancellation of your flights, including your return flight.

Flexible Air
In accordance with airline policy, name changes will not be permitted and will require cancellation and rebooking, which is subject to availability and possibly higher fares. Failure to check in will result in cancellation of your flights, including your return flight, in accordance with airline policy. The following cancellation fees apply to Flexible Air.

Days prior to flight departure

Cancellation Fee

45 days or more

Full refund

44 days or less

Full cost of ticket

Next Port Protection
Booking through CruiseAir offers you ‘Next Port Protection’. Next Port Protection means that in the event of an air delay which means you cannot meet the ship in time for embarkation, they will cover the cost of a replacement commercial flight to the next available port to meet the ship.

Please note, Next Port Protection only covers airline delays, it does not cover you if you miss your flight for any other reason. Additionally, if no replacement flight is available due to circumstances such as a severe weather event or natural disaster they will not be required to provide a replacement flight.

Next Port Protection will not cover any additional costs such as meals and accommodation as a result of airline delays. Additionally, as airline delays are outside their control, your cruise fare will not be reimbursed in the event you miss part or all or your cruise. For this reason, they strongly recommend you take out comprehensive travel insurance.


Privacy laws safeguard your personal details.

Personal Information

During the booking process and your cruise holiday, they ask for information about you.

You authorise them to handle your personal information in the ways indicated below:

  • to collect sensitive information within meaning of Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) about you:
        • - from any third party making a booking on your behalf for cruise administration purposes;

          - if you are travelling as part of a group – from any person in the group for cruise administration purposes;

          - from any third party where it is necessary to provide a health service to you (including a medical disembarkation) and you are unable to provide the information directly;

          - for security purposes;

          - for accident/incident reporting, investigation and management purposes;

      including, where relevant to or necessary for the purpose of collection, information about health, race and criminal record.

  • to disclose your personal information:
        • - to their service providers, including mailing houses, ticketing companies, marketing agencies, emergency response providers, call centres, claims processors and lawyers for the purpose of enabling them to provide relevant services;

          - to related entities within the Carnival group of companies for cruise administration and business operation purposes;

          - to your travel agent for cruise administration purposes, including any information relating to travel bans;

          - where you book as part of a group – to every passenger in your group (excluding credit card details);

          - to an emergency contact person you have nominated for emergency management purposes;

          - to Australian and foreign government departments/agencies/bodies responsible for customs, immigration, quarantine and law enforcement, including police, for reporting purposes;

  • to use and disclose your personal information:
        • - for product research and development purposes, including conducting past passenger surveys;

          - for reporting, assessing, investigating, processing and otherwise managing accidents/incidents, including disclosures to lawyers and insurers;

          - for public health and quarantine purposes;

          - for medical treatment (including medical disembarkation) purposes, including disclosures to health service providers, medical evacuation assistance companies, hotels, airlines, travel agents and, where you are unable to consent, next of kin.

  • where your onboard expenses are charged to someone else’s credit card – to deliver onboard account statements regarding those expenses to the credit card holder;
  • where they need to disclose your personal information to someone who is not in Australia – to transfer your personal information outside Australia;
  • where they need to disclose your health information to someone who is not in New South Wales or to a Commonwealth agency – to transfer your health information outside New South Wales or to the Commonwealth agency;
  •  in the event that you lodge a complaint or claim about any matter with or in relation to them – to use and disclose your personal information for the purpose of reporting, assessing, investigating, processing, responding to and resolving your complaint or claim, including disclosures to relevant government departments/agencies/bodies, courts/tribunals, your travel agent, any authorised representative acting on your behalf and lawyers. You also authorise them to collect from any third party sensitive information about you within the meaning of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), and for any third party to disclose personal information about you to them, for the above-mentioned purpose.

You consent to them sending you commercial electronic messages, including by email and messaging services such as SMS, and to them contacting you by telephone and fax, to provide information about their products and services. You may request to be removed from their contact lists at any time

Security Cameras

For the safety and security of their passengers and crew, they use Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) to monitor and record public areas onboard all their ships. If necessary, this footage may be viewed by their own personnel, advisors and external parties with a relevant interest. They are not responsible for any consequences arising from the viewing or other use of this footage.

Shore Tours


In selling tickets (including coupons or vouchers) or otherwise promoting or making arrangements for Shore Tours – whether for air, land or local water transportation; tours; sports or any other recreational activities; shore accommodations or meals or for any service, facility or activity other than on board P&O Cruise ships, P&O Cruises acts only as agent for the independent Tour Operator supplying those tours or services. Participation by a passenger in Shore Tours is conditional upon the passenger’s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions set forth in your Cruise Ticket, the Shore Tours Ticket and, depending on the activity, other documents which, among other things, expressly release P&O Cruises from any liability for such participation. Participation may also be subject to the independent Tour Operators’ own Terms and Conditions. Certain tours (such as snorkelling, biking, diving etc) are active tours and you should be aware that by participating in these activities you will be involved in a higher level of physical exertion or activity. You should only book and participate in those tours if you are confident that you are in good physical and mental condition. You should refrain from taking those tours if you have a history of seizures, dizziness, fainting, a heart condition, respiratory problems, or if you are taking a medication that carries a warning about possible impairment of physical or mental abilities. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are fit and well enough to participate in the tour you have booked.

Tour timings

Departure times for each tour will be listed on the Tour Order Form, which you will receive on board. These have been published according to information from their agents, but are subject to change should the vessel’s arrival time at any port be delayed, or the itinerary for any particular tour be amended. Prior to arrival at each port of call, the departure times of each tour will be confirmed in the on board newsletter. Please note that the time shown will be the time the last tour vehicle leaves the pier. Passengers are requested to report to the specified departure location (either on board the ship or dock-side) at or prior to the designated time, to avoid inconveniencing fellow passengers and/or missing the tour.

Tours with limited participation

Shore Tours may be purchased on board the ship on a first-come, first-served basis. Many of their tours have limited capacity and Tour Order Forms will be processed in the order received. When tours are fully subscribed, additional requests will be placed on a waiting list in the order received.

Personal possessions

Be careful that you do not leave your possessions unattended at any time in the car or coach in which you are travelling.


The prices for the Shore Tours are in Australian dollars and are subject to change without notice. Prices include any meals, refreshments, guides and entrance fees described in the tour information unless otherwise stated. Children’s prices only apply to those aged up to and including 12 years of age, infants under 2 years of age will be carried free of charge, subject to them not occupying a seat during the trip.


No refunds can be made on any ticket, coupon or voucher unless notice of cancellation is given up to 24 hours prior to arriving in the port in which your tour operates. In the event of any tour being cancelled for reasons beyond their control, a full refund will be made. However, should any tour have to be abandoned through force majeure or difficulties en route, the best possible refund will be arranged according to the circumstances. All Shore Tours require a minimum participation number. If this is not reached, then the tour may be cancelled. In this event, another tour option may be offered; otherwise a full refund will be given.


Passengers should appreciate that standards of transport vary considerably throughout the world. Air-conditioned coaches are not available in many areas and in some; local buses are the best available transportation. Cars or taxis are also used at some ports where coach or bus transportation is not available or limited.  Passengers wishing to travel with friends should all leave the ship together, as this will help the tour staff to allocate them space in the same vehicle. For the comfort of all passengers, smoking is prohibited on board all sightseeing vehicles.

Vehicle hire and driving overseas

Before hiring cars, motorbikes or mopeds at any of the ports of call, they ask you to carefully consider your own driving experience and skills in the context of the traffic conditions and driving standards that you are likely to encounter. In addition to making sure that you are correctly licensed and insured to drive a vehicle, you should also satisfy yourself regarding the condition of the vehicle to be hired and standards to which it has been maintained.

Withdrawal of tours

The Tour Operator reserves the right to withdraw any tour through lack of demand and to make any alterations that they may deem advisable for the comfort of the passengers, bearing in mind the convenience and best interest of each group.

Special request

They ask you not to take plastic bags ashore and to please bring your rubbish back on board to be disposed of thoughtfully. Eco friendly reusable P&O Cruises bags are available for purchase in the shops on board and from the Aqua Hut for a nominal charge.

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