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9 Front St , Hamilton Island, Queensland 4803, Australia
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Scuba diving is the ultimate escape and one of the most popular activities to do off Hamilton Island. Their local resident dive experts, H2O Sportz offer dive tours and courses.

Diving medicals are required for all courses

Bait Reef Marine Park Diving Tour

H2O operates a daily dive tour to Bait Reef Marine Park, one of the best known and more spectacular locations on The Great Barrier Reef. Coral gardens, underwater canyons, swim throughs and dramatic walls provide a range of terrain to explore and is an ideal location for snorkelers and scuba divers. Snorkelers can explore the shallow gardens on top of the reef, beginner divers are escorted around the reef formations by instructors at around 10m and experienced divers get to investigate the amazing canyons and walls at ‘Stepping Stones’. The tour lasts a full day and includes 3 ½ hrs at Bait Reef Marine Park, 2 leisurely dives, as much snorkeling as you like and a delicious buffet lunch.

Snorkel Safari

Departing daily from Hamilton Island, H2O will take you to one of the protected bays of the Whitsunday Islands for 2hrs of exploring the coral reefs with a snorkel guide. The tour lasts 3hrs and includes snorkel equipment, wet suit and light refreshments.

P.A.D.I Discover Scuba Diving Course–1 day duration

The Discover Scuba is an ideal safe introduction to scuba diving which allows absolute beginners to enjoy the thrill of scuba diving at The Great Barrier Reef. The program is conducted daily before the boat trips so you can do your training and diving on the same day. Dives go to a maximum depth of 10m (30ft) and include pool training, equipment rental, boat trip with lunch, snacks and two escorted dives.

P.A.D.I Open Water Certification Course–4 day duration

This course will teach all the skills needed to safely and comfortably explore the underwater world. The program consists of classroom sessions, pool lessons and finally open water training dives. Includes 4 days training, dive manual, dive tables, log book, all equipment rental, boat trips with lunch and snacks and 4 ocean dives.

Advanced Diver Course–3 day duration

This course will improve your diving skills and build your diving knowledge and experience. The 3 days consists of theory and 5 ocean dives. You will practice advanced diving skills, navigation, deep diving, drift diving, boat diving and multi-level diving. Program includes dive manual, log book, all equipment rental, boat trips with lunch and snacks and 5 ocean dives.

Home Study / Student Referral for the Open Water Certificate

Either of these are a great option for those who will have limited time on Hamilton Island yet who would like to do some serious diving while they’re here.

Home Study – complete the majority of the academics before you arrive then do your pool lessons and 4 ocean dives on Hamilton Island to receive your P.A.D.I Open Water Certificate.

Student Referral – complete all academics and pool diving at your local dive centre, then do your 4 ocean dives when you are on Hamilton Island to receive your P.A.D.I Open Water Certificate.

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