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Haggerstone Island , Shelbourne, Queensland 4875, Australia
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As one of the most remote and private island resorts in Australia, Haggerstone offers an unparalleled adventure experience individually tailored to every guest.

Custodians Roy and Anna Turner have put thirty years of their lives into extending the beauty of the island with everything they have created. Individually designed lodges blend seamlessly along the island foreshore; each private villa with its own pristine beachfront and sea view. The main building captures the imagination; heavy beams, high thatched roof, light flickering from the cooking fire. At the ocean, a thatched jetty hovers over a lagoon that vibrates with fish life.

Every day a new adventure awaits, with tailored excursions allowing guests to experience activities such as fishing, snorkelling, spearfishing and beach combing to name but a few.

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