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With the Whitsunday Islands’ biggest catamaran fleet, Island Dive offers a variety of sailing holidays around the Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef Marine Park as well as scuba diving courses.

One of the best diving destinations on earth is the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsunday Islands are located right in the heart of the reef. There are so many great dive sites around the fringing reefs of the Whitsunday’s, offering an enormous diversity of marine life, corals, and sponges.

One of the most popular dive sites in the Whitsunday’s is Bait Reef, which is home to two amazing coral formations known as the Stepping Stones and the Cathedral. The Stepping Stones are over 15 vertical columns covered in a huge variety of soft and hard corals and surrounded by an abundance of marine life. The Cathedral is a spectacular church-like amphitheatre in the reef.

There is also the famous Heart Reef (a small reef in the shape of a love heart). This is located within Hardy Reef and can best be experienced from the air by helicopter or seaplane. However, many operators will also visit this on their cruises.

There are so many other dive sites also available. These are located in the fringing reefs of the islands, the outer Great Barrier Reef, and various private diving sites. Many of these can be accessed by the dive operator companies located at Airlie Beach.