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194 Gympie Terrace , Noosaville, Queensland 4566, Australia
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In late autumn each year the Humpback Whales begin their annual migration en-route to their winter breeding and calving grounds on The Great Barrier Reef. Hundreds of Whales will be seen each season with the young bull whales often leading the migration ahead of the older males.

Our Noosa Whale Watching Tour departs from the Boathouse Marina at Noosaville. Slowly cruising aboard The Noosa Thriller Jetboat , 360 degree viewing makes for excellent sight seeing of Noosa National Park and a chance to meet our local pod of dolphins, swimming alongside their big friends.

Aboard each of our Tours we are greeted with magnificent sightings and this most
wonderful occurrence is happening day after day as the whales first travel north to give
birth and then again pass Noosa on their return trip south.

On the return to the Antarctic the new calves will stay close to Mum learning the migration path and locatio of feeding grounds. They will gain approx 200kg of body fat per day which will insulate them against the freezing Antarctic waters.

Hervey Bay is known as the Whale Capital of Australia and is ideal for newly born calves to spend the first few months of their lives. It is here in the warmer still waters, the Whales have a chance to relax and get in shape for the trip home.

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