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Contact Information
Magnetic Island, Queensland 4819, Australia
Detailed Information

Features of Reef Eco Tours

  1. Safety

Their tours are safe & suitable for everyone, from novice through to advanced snorkellers. They have a thorough safety briefing before entering the water, and all their snorkelling locations are in shallow waters usually no more than 50-100m from shore. Their experienced staff takes snorkel and dive groups all over the Great Barrier Reef, and our safety record is 100%!

  1. Guided snorkelling tours through superb coral gardens.

Magnetic Island has many well-developed reef communities with high coral cover, but you have to know where to look and when to go! Andy and the other staff are professional Marine Biologists that have been diving around Magnetic Island for more than 20 years, so we can take you directly to the best spots.

  1. Expert commentary.

These are real eco-tours, not just another dive trip! Their guides are all qualified Marine Scientists with experience in research on the Great Barrier Reef, so we can provide participants with the most up to date information on the ecology of coral reefs. We discuss the geological history of the reef, the larval life-stages of reef animals, life-history strategies of fishes and corals, and also current threats to the reef such as Coral Bleaching and the Crown of Thorns Starfish. Plus, we are also able to identify just about every fish, coral, and invertebrate you will see around Magnetic Island!