Captain Cook Cruises

From the Great Barrier Reef to tropical islands, from the bays and beaches of Sydney Harbour to the outback vastness of the Murray River basin, Captain Cook Cruises draws on over 35 years of cruising knowledge to create unique and exciting travel experiences.

Captain Cook Cruises is a family-owned, Australian “small ship” cruise operator and the recipient of numerous awards including Australian, New South Wales, Tropical North Queensland and South Australian `Tourism Awards for Excellence’, Fiji Visitors Bureau ‘Best Cruise Line’, and the Australian Federation of Travel Agents ‘Best Cruise Line’.

The company operates a fleet of 16 vessels, employs over 500 people and offers a choice of over 150 cruises weekly throughout Australia and Fiji.

Mission Statement:

Captain Cook Cruises strives to be the market leader and premier small ship cruise line in Australia and the Pacific. Their aim is to provide the highest quality of day, night and extended cruise product for the customers. They do this by being market focused and also identifying that it is not only the quality of the ships, but the high value they place in their crew and their dedication and commitment to customers that creates this result.

Today, Captain Cook Cruises employs some 500 enthusiastic men and women and owns or managers nine vessels on Sydney Harbour, which includes an accommodated ship, “Captain Cook’s Explorer” and the company’s flagship, the beautiful and distinguished “Sydney 2000”, capable of carrying 700 passengers for lunch or dinner on three decks. In other parts of Australia, the Great Barrier Reef, the Murray River and in the Fiji Islands, Captain Cook Cruises has built and operates a stylish fleet of small ships capable of nestling close to shore, giving passengers an opportunity to enjoy each destination with its activities and culture in safe and special accommodated surroundings.

Destinations – Far away and Close Up:

Small ship cruising takes you far from the beaten track and close up to places no other kind of cruising can reach. The ship’s small size means it can negotiate narrow waterways, shallow bays and quiet rivers where bigger ships cannot go.

Unlike big ships and large scale international ports, a small ship allows you to experience places where the nature, history and culture remain fresh, where the flood of tourists has not overrun them and will not overrun you. Places where you will meet and interact with the locals and discover how the waterway plays a vital role in their normal day to day lives.

Of course you still enjoy all the comforts larger ships provide: swimming pools, sun decks, bars, quality dining, massage and beauty treatments, entertainment and good company.

Individual Experience:

Limited numbers onboard mean every guest is welcomed and known as an individual. That is why our crew-members have to be really special. Bright, skilled, often locally recruited, they are eager to share their extensive knowledge and make your small ship experience personal.

Because you are in a smaller group, there is time for learning and experiencing. Onboard and on-site experts provide fascinating insights into the history, landscape, biology and ecology of the regions we explore. Around our informal dinner tables, you can share your own adventures with new friends.

Active? It is up to You:

We encourage a hands-on approach, but always leave you in charge of your own activity level. If there is a headland to climb or a reef to snorkel, you are invited. If you want to take it easy by the onboard pool, just ask for a towel and maybe grab a thriller from the library.

The keys are informality and flexibility with the focus on making each experience as revealing and memorable as it can be.