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Orion Cruises exploration of the islands of tropical North Queensland will reveal the beauty of Australia’s World Heritage listed Great Barrier Reef, with ample opportunity for basking on white sandy beaches and snorkelling over vibrant corals teeming with tropical marine life.

Their Tasmania, Australia voyages include seldom visited World Heritage and pristine wilderness areas; as you land by Zodiac along the magnificent coastline you’ll discover a land of rich forests, rugged mountains and sparkling highland lakes.

Cruise Options:

5 NIGHT GREAT BARRIER REEF – Cairns to Brisbane

2013 Departure – December 8

Orion’s exploration of Australia’s World Heritage Great Barrier Reef is designed to ensure your experience of the Barrier Reef is like no other. Orion’s Zodiac safaris allow guests to snorkel and swim over a pristine and seldom visited section of Hardy reef, alive with corals and teeming with myriads of tropical fish. Hayman Island is Australia’s most celebrated private island destination, where guests will have access to many of the facilities of this luxury resort. On Percy Island you will enjoy kayaking in this idyllic setting whilst our attentive crew prepares a seafood beach BBQ you will never forget.

  • Day 1 – Cairns, Queensland
  • Day 2 – Hardy Reef
  • Day 3 – Hamilton Island
  • Day 4 – Percy Island
  • Day 5 – Lady Elliot Island
  • Day 6 – Brisbane, Queensland

19 NIGHT GREAT BARRIER REEF, PNG & MICRONESIA – Cairns to Palau, Micronesia

2014 Departures – 11 April

Board National Geographic Orion for an extraordinary voyage, combining some of the world’s most beautiful islands from the Great Barrier Reef in the Coral Sea to some of the most diverse swimming, snorkelling and diving areas of the South Pacific. World War II battle sites, shipwrecks, isolated coral atolls and remote island cultures far from the tourist mainstream. Island life here is meditative, close to nature and lived in harmony with the land and the sea. Visit outlying islands where visitors are a rarity, even today. Meet the Satawal men, a fascinating and mysterious group of traditional navigators who steer by the sun, stars, and ocean swells. Explore remote areas of Papua New Guinea, a patchwork of mountains and jungle, home to some 700 Papuan and Melanesian tribes, each with its own language. Join friendly villagers to absorb their rhythmic, traditional dances. From virgin forests and the unique birdlife of Sorol to the cultural traditions of Yap Island, the coral-smothered sunken ships of Chuuk Island and the great reef systems scattered across Micronesia, you will be enthralled as we explore this oceanic wonder. Palau, with its famed Rock Islands, is a fitting conclusion.


  • Day 1 – Cairns, Australia
  • Day 2 – Lizard Island, Australia
  • Day 3 – Orion Reef, Australia
  • Day 4 – Thursday Island & Cape York, Australia
  • Day 5 – At Sea
  • Day 6 – Samarai Island, Papua New Guinea
  • Day 7 – Kitava, The Trobriands, Papua New Guinea
  • Day 8 – Rabaul, Papua New Guinea
  • Day 9 – At Sea
  • Day 10 – Kavieng, Papua New Guinea
  • Day 11 – At Sea
  • Day 12 – Chuuk Island, Chuuk State, Federates States of Micronesia
  • Day 13 – Pulap & Tamatam Islands, Chuuk State, Federates States of Micronesia
  • Day 14 – Satawal, Yap State, Federates States of Micronesia
  • Day 15 – Ifalik, Yap
  • Day 16 – Sorol, Yap
  • Day 17 – Yap Island, Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia
  • Day 18 – Palau, Micronesia
  • Day 19 – Palau, Micronesia (Disembark)
  • Day 20 – Palau, Micronesia
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Included in your cruise fare are accommodations as booked, cruise transportation, all meals onboard, 24-hour room service, entertainment and educational programmes, use of ship’s sporting equipment and facilities, port & handling charges, Zodiac excursions and tender transfers, access to the ship’s library, Govt. Fees & Taxes. Fares also include the services of 75 experienced crew.


Fares do not include items of a personal nature, including but not limited to: travel and medical insurance, laundry charges, shopping onboard, bar expenses, hair dressing and massage treatments, optional shore experiences, medical treatment, telephone and internet charges.

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