All Queensland Islands

For all island holiday destinations in Australia, the coast of Queensland is the go-to place. It is endowed with one of the most diverse array of islands you’ll ever find anywhere, ranging from sand to continental to coral cay islands.

Little wonder the islands and resorts located on the Great Barrier Reef have become the most sought after.

The Queensland coast boasts multiple coral cays that are home to world-famous island resorts which include, among others, the Green Island Resort (5-star), Heron Island Resort (4-star), and the Lady Elliot Island Resort (3-star). This magnificent trio offers wide-ranging experiences when it comes to accommodation styles. 

That aside, another top attraction that continues to draw holidaymakers here is the unmatched snorkelling or diving experience, where it’s even possible to walk in straight off the beach.

Our islands guide would not be complete without mention of the Lady Musgrave Island, a coral cay that measures 14 hectares (35 acres) and is no doubt one of the most magnificent in the world. The island serves as a national park used primarily for camping. In fact, it is the most intensively used of all camping islands within the Capricorn Bunker group.

You’ll find a spectrum of resorts on the Queensland continental islands, and the most notable include the Lizard Island Resort, Bedarra Island Resort, Dunk Island Resort, Orpheus Island Resort, Hinchinbrook Island Resort, the Great Keppel Island Resort and the Magnetic Island Resort.

However, the iconic resorts situated on the Whitsunday Islands are probably the best known of the lot. These include the Hamilton Island Resort, Hayman Island Resort, Daydream Island and Long Island resorts, and the South Molle and the Brampton Island resorts.

With such a rich abundance of stomping grounds, it then follows that accommodation should be pretty much varied.

And it is.

If you are in the hunt for absolute luxury, none does it better than the Hayman Island Resort. If what you want is to unwind in a beautiful spa resort, the Daydream Island Resort presents fantastic options. Anyone looking for a great cosmopolitan or family resort will find them aplenty on Hamilton Island, with the Reef View Hotel and Whitsunday Holiday Apartments being some of the most popular.

Then there are the Queensland sand islands.

These offer vacationers the opportunity to enjoy the dazzling beaches, as well as the ecological diversity that comprises rainforests and their open counterparts, crystal clear lakes and more.

Fraser Island is the most popular of the sand islands and expectedly, is not short of accommodation options and tours to choose from, with the likes of Kingfisher Bay Resort ensuring tourists keep coming back for more.

Speaking of tours.

Anything less than a four-wheel drive vehicle will find it hard to make light work of the terrain around here. There are many of them for hire to go around though. Alternatively, you may also opt for an organised tour which ensures you sample the best the islands have to offer.

Other notable sand islands are the Moreton and Stradbroke islands, two large islands in Brisbane’s vicinity. It is here that you find superb accommodation such as the Tangalooma Island Resort which also offers an assortment of tours to choose from.

If you wish to research or book a Queensland Islands holiday, this website can serve as your one-stop shop.