Lizard Island

Lizard Island hosts one of Australia’s most luxurious and remote eco resorts. It lies off the tropical north Queensland coast and is situated between the mainland and the coral ramparts of the Great Barrier Reef. Its remote location away from population and agricultural centres ensures the pristine relationship and balance with nature is preserved for all. Lizard Island has a place in Australian history as the place where Captain James Cook came ashore to climb to its highest point and map a passage to escape from the encircling coral reefs that had trapped the Endeavor. From its highest peak, Cook could see an opening through the reef which is known today as Cook’s Passage.

Today, the resort on Lizard Island caters for those who appreciate luxury and want to enjoy a diving or fishing experience that is second to none. For the diver, the local waters are spectacular. Local dive sites include internationally known destinations like the Ribbon Reefs and the Cod Hole, where giant and inquisitive Potato Cod regularly interact with their human visitors. In recent years a group of Minke Whales have been discovered regularly visiting Lizard Island waters and divers have been able to have close encounters with them. The island is surrounded by beaches and fringing reefs which also provide the opportunity for snorkelers and the less adventurous to experience some magnificent coral and marine life.

For the adventure fisherman there are some fantastic choices. The game fisherman will want to troll the waters surrounding the Ribbon Reefs to catch a world record Black Marlin. Sports fishermen can fish with lures and flys for a huge range of pelagic fish including Giant Trevally, Cobia, Spanish mackerel, and many other species . Those who want to eat their catch will try bottom fishing for some of the worlds best table fish like Red Emporer, Coral Trout and Sweetlip.

Lizard island resort accommodation is in individual cabins which all overlook a fantastic seascape to the islands north. The restaurant and administration complex is superb and the cuisine is of international standard. The resort has several charter vessels which operate dive and fishing trips, as well as jet skis, outboard powered tinnies and paddle craft. Bushwalking is popular and there are many small private beaches to enjoy. At the islands western end is a spectacular, reef enclosed, lagoon. Access to Lizard Island is by air from Cairns, direct to the resort. The weather in the region is tropical so the dry season, from April through to November is the most comfortable and the climate is temperate. It would be hard to find another resort, anywhere in the world, that offers the same comfort and adventure, that you can find on Lizard island.