Lizard Island Tours

There is a wide range of experiences waiting for you ion Lizard Island tours and of the surrounding area. A few examples are diving, snorkelling, skydiving, rafting, bushwalking, horse riding, and scenic flights with a helicopter, sailing, fishing, and jet skiing.

Visitors to Lizard Island are welcome to tour the Research Station to learn about its work and about coral reefs. Because the Station has a staff of only four people, special times have been set aside to interact with island visitors. Tours of the Research Station are conducted for guests of the Lizard Island Resort on Monday and Friday mornings. These are arranged through the Resort.

Campers, yachties and other island visitors are welcome to join a tour each Monday at 11 am. Several travel books list other tour times but these are now outdated. It takes about an hour to walk from the campground at Watson’s Bay to the Research Station via the vehicle track from the airstrip. There is a public card phone at the Research Station. Phone-cards, t-shirts and reef-related merchandise are available for sale during tour times.

There are plenty of amazing things to see and do around Lizard Island. Whether you’re in the mood for something relaxing, action-packed or guided, there’s something to suit everyone’s tastes. Lizard Island is also considered by many to be an ideal Island to holiday on, as it is an attraction within itself. So whenever you visit there is certain to be many Lizard Island tours that will meet your requirements.