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Queensland’s favourite coastal destinations are easily accessible by the Tilt Train, the most modern passenger trains in Australia. The fastest narrow gauge trains in the world, the Tilt Trains provide an efficient, comfortable and world-class standard of travel.

QR Limited is pleased to announce that business has returned to normal on QR’s long-distance Traveltrain network with the return to service of the City of Townsville Tilt Train and the return to normal speed operation. Book your next holiday package above these amazing trains with QLD Travel.


RouteRoute: Brisbane to Bundaberg Network MapNetwork Map: Train Stations
DistanceDistance: 351 kms DepartsTimetable Departs Brisbane:
Mon, Wed, Thu & Fri at 4.55pm
Mon. Tue, Thu, Fri, Sat & Sun at 11.00am
DurationDuration: 4 hrs 30 mins DepartsTimetable Departs Bundaberg:
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri & Sat at 5.15am.
Daily at 10.05am


RouteRoute: Brisbane to Rockhampton Network MapNetwork Map: Train Stations
DistanceDistance: 639 kms DepartsDeparts Brisbane:
Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri, Sat & Sun at 11.00am.
Tue & Sun at 4.55pm.
DurationDuration: 7 hrs 45 mins DepartsDeparts Rockhampton:
Daily at 7.10am

Tilt Train – Onboard

The most modern and innovative passenger train in Australia, the Tilt Train can travel at speeds of up to 160km/h and provide an efficient, comfortable standard of travel at a world-class level. Traveltrain Holiday’s fleet consists of the Electric and Diesel trains, both use tilting technology that sets them apart from traditional services. Our trains have a range of options for you and your family when travelling around Queensland. We have business and economy to suit your needs. Let our staff look after you while you enjoy your 


Only cash (AUD $), Visa and Mastercard credit cards are accepted on board the trains. Personal and travellers cheques are not accepted and EFTPOS is not available. Guests are advised to bring cash for the journey to buy drinks and meals if they do not hold any of these cards.

  • Brisbane – Cairns Service
    Trolley service operates to each seat for light refreshments, confectionery and drinks. Takeaway meals, newspapers and magazines are also available from the Club Car.
  • Brisbane – Rockhampton Service
    Trolley service operates to each seat for light refreshments, confectionery and drinks. Takeaway meals, newspapers and magazines are also available from the Club Car. TV monitors are positioned overhead. Specially designed facilities for passengers with disabilities. Secured overhead lockers and luggage racks. Toilets with baby change tables. Reclining seats with built-in footrests. On board movies and six audio channels of entertainment. On board payphones and fax machine. Passenger information video terminals display a driver’s cam and provide details on speed, temperature and distance to the next stop.


  • Brisbane – Cairns Service
    Large business style reclining seats in a 2 x 1 seating configuration. Each seat’s personal entertainment system provides the choice of 12 channels of late release movies and audio entertainment. There are three movie channels, one lifestyle and one kids channel with six audio channels featuring a range of entertainment from comedy to current affairs. Passengers can also delight in watching the view from the driver’s compartment with Driver Cam or view the Journey Progress Display.
  • Brisbane – Rockhampton Service
    The air-conditioned Tilt Train offers business and economy class travel with six carriages consisting of one business class car (27 seats) and five economy class cars (260 seats).
    • Business Seating
      Large reversible seats with 2 x 1 seating configuration with access to 240v AC power points to allow for computer usage.
    • Economy Seating
      2 x 2 seating configuration in coach style carriage.
Tilt train seats


Aboard the Tilt Train you can enjoy one of our delicious meal packages or choose from a selection of take away meals and snacks available from the Club Car.

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Travelling by train around Queensland is something you must do if you are spending time travelling around the beautiful part of Australia. QLD is lucky enough to have a variety of trains taking you all across the coast and outback. The trains are comfortable, easy and a great experience for any type of traveller from backpackers to families.

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