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Broadbeach Apartments - Units - Town House - Condominium

Sofitel Gold Coast Broadbeach

The Broadbeach apartment market has seen a massive increase in the number of apartments built and now being offered in the holiday rental pool. There has been a massive redevelopment in the Broadbeach esplanade area with three new high rise apartment resorts completed recently. Older areas with some of the more dilapidated resorts have been demolished and replaced by some of the best new holiday resorts that you can imagine. The beachfront area and the streets surrounding the Nikon Plaza area now have a number of new apartment style resorts to boast about.

All the best places to stay, in general, have seen this renewal however it has been the strongest in Broadbeach. This region is extremely popular with holiday makers for many reasons, like the proximity to Pacific Plaza shopping center and Jupiters casino, and with most visitors preferring to stay in apartment style accommodation rather than a hotel and the fact that Broadbeach apartments are now up to the minute in design, most visitors to the Gold Coast like to stay here.

Diamond Sands Resort, BroadbeachMontego Sands, Broadbeach

Apartment style accommodation appeals to the family and medium stay market as it gives you so many options when you want to save a few dollars. Catering can be done internally saving on restaurants and dining out. Separate living and sleeping areas mean that children can be separated at night and adults can enjoy their privacy. Wide balconies are most enjoyable as they allow that extra relaxation room and usually have spectacular views, especially if you rent one on the beachfront. In Broadbeach, the apartment style accommodation is the newest and the best in town.

Apartments at Broadbeach: