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Daintree & Cape Tribulation Attractions and Activities

From the Daintree to Cape Tribulation and Bloomfield River, you can experience the most unique rainforest and captivating attractions and activities in the world. No trip to the tropical north is complete without visiting Cape Tribulation and this natural wonderland. The sealed road north of the Daintree River meanders through the lush rainforest covered Alexandra Range, to spectacular lookout points and glorious tropical beaches. It is the Daintree Cape Tribulation where the rainforest meets the reef.

Daintree encompasses the Daintree National Park which features a 130-million-year old rainforest, the Mossman Gorge, Cape Tribulation and the Bouncing Stones Site. A simple yet awe inspiring activity to take part in these naturally beautifully regions is to take a walk. Cape Tribulation has one such walk that is 1100 metres long taking you through the rainforest of ferns, mangroves and creeks. In addition are the beaches that the Far North Queensland Coast is famous for. There is also the Daintree River which you can tour via boat and see the wildlife in the mangroves and waters. Daintree has so much wildlife including the cassowary, an endangered species of flightless bird that is native to the place.

Cape TribulationSea KayakingCape Tribulation

The abundance of life will astound you! This area boasts more rare and endangered plant and animal species than the Galapagos Islands and yet can be accessed by car. Rare, giant flightless birds, amazingly colourful butterflies, miniature kangaroos which run on four legs, long nosed Bandicoots, Tree Frogs, Forest Dragons, Tree Kangaroos, possums and many more species including even Dugongs can be spotted. Experiencing the Daintree is like travelling back in time.

And yet, all the modern conveniences can still be enjoyed. Fine dining, massage and natural therapies and all the comforts of home can be enjoyed whilst spending time deep inside the pristine rainforest of the Daintree. The Daintree and Cape Tribulation offers an exciting variety of day trips to the region, as well as many local tour options within the area. To truly understand this spectacular rainforest, stay and listen to the night sounds. Hidden in the wilderness is a range of comfortable accommodation, with imaginative restaurants, retail stores and available services.

Cape TribulationSea KayakingCape Tribulation

Night-time croc-spotting tours on the Daintree River are extremely popular with early-morning cruises to see the rich bird life. Pythons, lizards, frogs, and electric-blue Ulysses butterflies attract photographers, and sport fishermen come here to do battle with big barramundi.

There are cruises along the estuaries and rivers to do a spot of fishing as well as boating and many wonderful charters to set out on for deep sea, reef or game fishing as well as many scuba diving charters being very popular to visitors.

There are many guided tours available from 2 hour guided walks to half and full day 4WD treks north along the Bloomfield track or perhaps you would like to learn more about the rainforest environment, its plants, birds and butterflies. See the upper levels of the rainforest canopy on the aerial walkways and canopy tower. And many people love to Jungle Surf so why not indulge your craving for adventure & glide through the rainforest canopy on a series of flying fox runs with experienced guides to explain what you see along the way.

Cape TribulationSea KayakingCape Tribulation

The Entomological Museum is the most comprehensive collection of insects & butterflies from the Daintree region collected over 30 years that you can visit all year round or maybe you would like to learn about the Aboriginal Heritage. This region was once the home to the tribal rainforest people of the Kuku Yalanji, the Daintree area still retains its cultural significance, added to which, the tribal community have now become involved in the management and tourism of the area. Experience the aboriginal perspective of the rainforest on a Dreamtime Walk in the Mossman Gorge.

There are just so many exciting and awe-inspiring attractions to be found within the Daintree and Cape Tribulation region, so why don’t you come and discover this captivating place for yourself on your next holiday.