Fraser Island Holidays

Every family should holiday on Fraser Island and experience one of the historic icons of the Australian tourism scene. This is one of Australia’s most important world heritage-listed wilderness areas and a place of breathtaking natural beauty. Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and is home to some pristine lakes and rainforests that will take your breath away. There are no roads on Fraser Island so a four-wheel drive vehicle or an organized tour is a must. The ocean beach is the major thoroughfare on the island and normal road rules apply. It is patrolled by the local police and radar traps and random breath tests are commonplace.

You can take a holiday to Fraser Island in two different ways. Firstly you can do the commercial thing and stay in a resort or see the island on an organized tour. The second way is to pack up your camping gear in your four-wheel drive and take off on a camping adventure. You can camp almost anywhere on the island though there are some official camping grounds that have hot showers and toilet facilities. Many people like to camp along the ocean beach, around the lakes, or near Orchid Beach and Indian head at the northern end. Extended tours which include either camping or resort accommodation are available from Hervey Bay, Rainbow Beach, or Brisbane.

Fraser Island is well known for its wildlife. The lakes are full of little turtles, the ocean is full of fish and the dingos patrol the beach and the camping grounds looking for food. There are also snakes, kangaroos, possums, and goannas.

There are many superb beauty spots on Fraser Island that should not be missed on your holiday. Lake MacKenzie and Lake Garrawongeera are both magnificent with white silica sand beaches and freshwater of absolute clarity. Central Station and Pile Valley are connected by a boardwalk that runs beside a beautiful, crystal-clear flowing stream while the Satinays and Kauri pines tower overhead. The Sidney Scrub rainforest is superb and the ocean beach and rock features like Indian head and the Champagne pools are fantastic. A visit to the historic Sandy cape Lighthouse is also well worthwhile.

If you are thinking about your next holidays, think about coming to Fraser Island.