Hayman Island Whale Watching

Hayman Island whale watching is a wonderful day activity. Experience one of the fantastic wonders of nature, the Humpback Whale, one of the largest sea-living mammals.

View these giant creatures as they travel from their home in the Antarctic through the Australian Whale Sanctuary on their way to the warmer waters of Northern Queensland where they mate and give birth before returning homewards again.

Good whale-watching tour operators obey strict guidelines about how close they can approach the whales so our annual ocean visitors trust us and don’t fear the boats, meaning they often come right alongside to say hello (as whales do) and give onlookers the thrill of a lifetime.

You can expect sightings over 99% of cruises during the calm winter months. They generally pass within a kilometer or two of the beach, making it easy to spot them. The beauty of Hayman Island whale watching is that you don’t have to venture too far offshore to be right on top of the humpback whales.

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