Summertime – Sail & Dive Adventures – WSA

Summertime – Sail & Dive Adventures – WSA

3 Days – 2 Nights Sailing Adventure

» Departs 9:00 am Wednesday + Sunday

Sea kayaking, sailing, and scuba diving provide an action-packed adventure! Old-world charm and classic oiled timbers are combined with the modern convenience of a fully air-conditioned vessel, nine of the latest inflatable two-person kayaks, a DVD/PC system, and an onboard fresh water hot tub/spa. The 3 crew, including a dive instructor, will make the experience above and the scuba below the water unforgettable. Meals from their renowned menu, the spacious decks, and the onboard hot tub will make relaxing easy.

Try Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayaking, Sailing, and Scuba Diving will provide an action-packed adventure. Summertime is a classic timber square-rigged vessel with all modern comforts – the perfect way to enter another world of freedom. Enjoy the ambiance of traditional sailing in ultimate comfort as Summertime plays the sparkling waters of the beautiful Whitsundays. Handcrafted in 1947 by master shipwrights, Summertime has a rich history and has been lovingly restored and immaculately maintained in the ultimate sailing comfort. While retaining all of her old-world charms, the boat also boasts an onboard freshwater hot Jacuzzi, hi-tech DVD/PC entertainment system, full air conditioning throughout, luxurious berths, and nine of the latest inflatable two-person kayaks.

Enjoy the Voyage

After you are welcomed aboard by their friendly crew, the lines are thrown away and you’re underway.  As the sails are raised you settle in on the teak decks for the ride.  Their crew takes this opportunity to guide you through some safety and snorkeling briefs as you leave the bustling mainland behind… and the magic of sailing begins to set in with the gentle lap of the ocean against the hull and a frothy trail in your wake.

Discover Diving

Discovering the wonders below the water is also easy in Summertime. The Whitsunday islands can definitely be a divers and snorkelers paradise and your onboard Dive Instructor will make your SCUBA experience below the water unforgettable.  The opportunities are almost endless in the Whitsundays and they carry a full complement of dive gear aboard. Their local area of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is rated among the best in the world with over 100 chartered dive sites, many with National Park mooring buoys.  they can show you huge coral bommies, vertical coral walls, stunning swim-throughs, massive coral structures with huge overhangs, even secret caverns, and the most amazing fish life. You may swim with turtles, and huge gropers and play with schools of tropical fish and you will be amazed by the bright and vivid colors. With its warm water, calm seas, and easy beach entries the Australian Whitsunday Islands are the perfect place for the novice diver to be introduced to the wonderful world of SCUBA.  In the Whitsunday Islands, where year-round the water temperature stays close to 25 C, diving is rarely deeper than 80 feet and most dives are between 30 and 60 feet. Visibility is mostly good to excellent. Combine a great sailing adventure with snorkeling and diving in one of the world’s most spectacular cruising grounds. For the experienced diver, Summertime offers a sensational platform to explore. Onboard tank fillers mean air fills are unlimited and you are quite welcome to dive straight from the back of the vessel.  For the novice or rusty diver, they are happy to supply dive guides at no added cost, these highly trained instructors can also point out the features and highlights to be found at each new dive site.  This is their paradise they would like to share it with you…

Memories in the Making

Whether enjoying the thrill of sailing, exploring by kayak, or venturing below, their crew’s intimate local knowledge means you are always shown the best of the Whitsundays in the best ways possible. And their hi-tech Canon 10-meg camera is always at hand to capture your Summertime adventures forever – and with underwater housing, your diving and snorkeling forays are also forever remembered!

Summertime’s aft deck space is home to their freshwater heated Jacuzzi. It is the ideal place to relax after diving, snorkeling, and kayaking. Pure Bliss… their comfortable Spa is heated via a quiet diesel generator and they can easily adjust the temperature to suit the prevailing conditions. It is simply awesome to climb in after a Scuba dive and gently feel the hot bubbles soothe the tired limbs. The highlight of the day will always be to sip on a glass of bubbly and watch the sunset slowly over the mainland… pure bliss…

Exploring the Whitsunday’s Summertime style allows a wide array of destinations to be leisurely enjoyed both above and below the Whitsunday’s sparkling waters. their crew possesses an intimate knowledge of the area gained over years of exploration and this wealth of knowledge is yours to share as they guide you through your Summertime voyage of discovery. Paddle peacefully by kayak into the far reaches of prehistoric Gulnare Inlet or magnificent Cid Harbour on Whitsunday Island. Skim effortlessly over the pristine sand sweeps of magnificent Hill Inlet or land on a tiny isolated sand spit between craggy cliffs on Hayman Island.  Enjoy superb eco walks that will literally leave your senses awestruck and your spirit inspired. Sawmill Beach to Dugong Bay, Whitehaven Lookout, Nara Inlet … these bushwalks offer a unique and breathtaking glimpse into the biodiversity and ageless beauty of this drowned mountain range. Dive and snorkel some of the world’s most renowned coral gardens and get close to some of their amazing inhabitants … Blue Pearl Bay, Manta Ray Bay, Langford Reef, and Cateran Bay are just a few of the pristine dive locations where you can meet with giant Maori wrasse, lionfish, and turtles or peruse underwater gardens, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Sailing Summertime in the Whitsundays is a tropical adventure that takes you to a myriad of glorious locations in absolute comfort and old-world style.

On your visit to Whitehaven Beach – you will soon see why it is rated one of the best beaches in the world!  It’s a very inviting scene and you’re soon down on the beach squelching your toes in the super fine silica sand and marveling how it isn’t hot on your feet. Some indulge in a game of beach cricket or a spot of kite flying, others relax with a swim or a sunbake or you can choose a long stroll along the beach to take in the amazing views. All kinds of marine life can be spotted in the shallows and the odd dip to cool off is pure bliss.

Fabulous Food

Sailing and exploring the Whitsundays creates quite an appetite and luckily delicious meals are their trademark! Summertime’s menu is renowned worldwide and their crew will continually surprise you with their delectable creations.  their friendly and enthusiastic crew arrange freshly prepared local foods throughout your journey – all prepared onboard to retain freshness and crispness.  Special diets and special occasions can be catered for.

A Typical menu …

Day 1
Morning Tea: Tea & Coffee with an assortment of cakes.

Lunch: An assortment of fresh bread, meats, salads, fruits, and condiments for you to make your own creation.

Afternoon tea: Tea and Coffee served with lamingtons (A traditional Australian sweet), soft vanilla sponge cake coated in a light chocolate topping then sprinkled with shaved coconut.

Sunset Snacks: A selection of oven-baked snacks and dipping sauces.

Dinner: Tender chicken thigh fillets, marinated in succulent honey mustard and mixed herbs, served with a fresh cherry tomato, fetta cheese, green olives stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, and Spanish onion salad. Fresh green beans steamed and lightly tossed through garlic butter with oven-roasted potatoes seasoned with fresh herbs and cracked pepper. Warm herb and Parmesan bread.

Dessert: Chocolate cake with a rich topping covered in creamy custard.

Day 2
Breakfast: A fresh tropical fruit salad, served with yogurt. Warm raisin toast, fruit loaf, white and wholemeal bread. With a wide range of condiments, cereals, and milk. Tea, coffee, and juice.

Morning Tea: Tea and coffee served with an assortment of cakes and biscuits.

Lunch: Thick soft focaccia bread topped with grilled chicken, tabouli, sun-dried tomatoes, avocado, onion, and cheese lightly baked, served with a fresh Caesar salad and a creamy tuna and asparagus pasta with a small platter of fresh fruit.

Afternoon Tea: Tea and coffee served with a chocolate and cream sponge roll.

Sunset Snacks: A large platter with cheese, carrot, and celery sticks, kabana, pickled onions, crackers, corn chips, and a selection of dips.

Dinner: Tender scotch fillet steaks in a secret marinade. Served with a delicious tomato, onion, garlic, and mushroom pasta bake. Broccoli and cauliflower in a cheese sauce served with a fresh garden salad and sun-dried tomato pesto bread.

Dessert: Chocolate and caramel slice, made fresh on the boat from their own recipe.

Day 3
Breakfast: Crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, cereals, juice, tea, and coffee

Morning Tea: Tea and coffee served with fruitcake and biscuits.

Lunch: BBQ Sausages, coleslaw, creamy potato salad, and a fresh green salad.

Now that they’ve made your mouth water, they’d like to make you picture a typical evening onboard Summertime in the beautiful Whitsundays.  Taking in the sunset with a cold drink on deck is a must and after dessert, you can watch a movie in air-conditioned comfort… or have another Jacuzzi… heaven.  And there is the entertainment of their slide shows each night in the saloon – all of the day’s dive photos… picture postcard stuff and there’s always some action heroes for a good laugh.  Talking about laughs… there are also some secret Summertime games that will have you bending like never before!??

Relax in the Hot Tub

A Summertime voyage is a full three-day, two-night Whitsunday adventure discovering another world of pure wonder in classic style and superb comfort.  The ever-changing 360-degree views of paradise, spacious decks where you can choose shade or sun, their friendly skipper to chat to and teach you a few things in the wheelhouse, a spacious and comfy saloon, and luxurious berths to enjoy a brilliant sleep as the ocean laps the wooden hulls while Summertime bubs gently at anchor – these are all things you can look forward to.  The delicious meals from their renowned menu, kayaking adventures, and the onboard hot tub will make relaxing a dream and sailing back to Airlie Beach you will feel as if you’ve been at sea far longer than three days.  their guests return tanned, content, and full of wonder at all they’ve experienced. Your Summertime voyage in the Whitsundays will be your best holiday ever and as Jacques Cousteau says, your eyes can truly be “Opened by the Sea”. This ambiance must be experienced for yourself – you’re in for a real treat…!