Cape Tribulation Accommodation

The accommodation in the Daintree and Cape Tribulation region attracts many international tourists to the region. The wet tropics of far north Queensland are internationally important ecologically and tens of thousands of visitors come here to experience the ambience of one of the last unspoilt rainforest regions left in the world. Set among these forests are several excellent holiday resorts that blend into their beautiful surroundings.

daintree wilderness lodge

Imagine a resort where your accommodation is set high among the treetops and overlooking a crystal clear jungle stream. Imagine dining in the rainforest with lighting provided by flaming torches and imagine being so much a part of your surroundings that the native wildlife almost ignores your presence. All of this is possible when you stay in Cape Tribulation and Daintree rainforest accommodation. You will be entirely surrounded by total luxury and tranquillity as you explore this beautiful part of Queensland.

ferntree dorm

Three places that are always found to be very popular is the Cape Tribulation Resort and Spa, the Daintree Wilderness Lodge and the Ferntree Rainforest Lodge. All three establishments are perfectly placed so that you can enjoy all this region has to offer without ever having to travel far. In the cape tribulation region, the rainforest comes right down to the beach and set among it are several beautiful resorts that have the beauty of the rainforest surrounding them while having the added advantage of having a coral reef outside your door fringed by a white sandy tropical beach.

ferntree pool

So come and enjoy the holiday that you have always been dreaming about, and book the perfect accommodation in either the Daintree rainforest itself or on the beachfront at Cape Tribulation, to compliment a holiday in total luxury.

silky oaks treehouse