World Environment Day 2023 – June 5th

Goose Staring At Rubbish World Environment Day

World Environment Day is an opportunity for communities and individuals around the world to reflect on how important it is to preserve and protect our planet. This annual event is aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues, ranging from pollution to deforestation. World Environment Day, a United Nations-designated day, encourages everyone to work together to make small […]

‘Super El Nino” is about to fry Australia

Super El Nino is about to fry Australia x

What to expect when ‘Super El Nino” is about to fry Australia El Nino is expected to be a’really strong’ event this year The weather will likely be hotter and dryer Increased risk of bushfires, coral bleaching   Meteorologists have found that Australia is likely to experience a “super El Nino” this year. The warm […]

How To Help The Great Barrier Reef

How To Help The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is in danger, as are all coral reefs across the world. The Reef has recently been impacted by global warming, storm damage, crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS) outbreaks, and pollution. Despite its hardships, the world’s biggest living creature is still a magnificent sight, and the Reef will not only survive but grow with […]