Some of the attractions on the Fraser Coast have worldwide importance. There is world heritage listed National Parks as well as marine parks for the protection of endangered species. All of this, without a mention of the fantastic scenery that brings tourists to visit this region, from around the world. The Fraser Coast is full of unique wildlife and dozens of beauty spots that you will be able to see or visit during your stay.

Mantra Hervey Bay, Fraser CoastEli Creek - Fraser Island, Fraser CoastHervey Bay Beach, Fraser Coast

Fraser Island has more natural attractions and activities than you can imagine. Most of the island is a National Park and the scenery here is quite unique. The entire island which is 130 kilometers long is made entirely of sand so you would think that it would be a barren wasteland. Fortunately, this is not the case and the island is famous for its pristine rainforests which grow vigorously due to the huge supply of fresh water below the surface. Places like Central Station or the Sidney rainforest are must-see attractions. Fraser Island also has some of the most beautiful lakes imaginable. Lake McKenzie in particular will attract almost every visitor to the island at some stage. Its pure white sand and pure fresh water combined with a windswept environment have created a place of astounding beauty. There are many other lakes on the island and each one is unique. The island has many other fabulous attractions. Central Station, Woongoolba Creek, Pile Valley, Eli CreekIndian head, Sandy Cape, and its lighthouse are just a few of the fabulous attractions you will want to see while you are visiting Fraser Island. Excellent resort-style accommodation is available on both the ocean side and the western side of Fraser Island.

Kingfisher Bay Resort - Fraser Island, Fraser CoastMaheno Shipwreck - Fraser Island, Fraser CoastDingo - Fraser Island, Fraser Coast

The Hervey Bay Marine Park has been created for the protection of all marine species in the region. Most notably, it was created for the protection of the thousands of humpback whales that visit the park each year in the months between July and November. This is the only calm water marine park in the world where you can come and see the whales close up on a modern charter boat. The Hervey Bay whale-watching fleet starts its operations in mid-July every year so let us find you some great Hervey Bay accommodations from which you can visit all of these sensational attractions.

The Fraser Coast is one place you must put on your holiday itinerary if you want to see all of these wonderful local attractions.

Hervey Bay Boat Harbour, Fraser CoastLake McKenzie - Fraser Island, Fraser CoastWhale Watching - Hervey Bay, Fraser Coast