Fraser Coast Holidays

Holidays on the Fraser Coast will be filled with fantastic activities and attractions. The Fraser Coast is the region from Rainbow Beach, north to the Burrum River, and encompasses all of Fraser Island and Hervey Bay. Within this region, you will be amazed at the number of things there are to see and do. Parts of this region are among Australia’s most popular tourist destinations.

Hervey Bay is an hour’s drive north of Brisbane and has direct jet flights from Sydney. It is Australia’s fastest-growing city and its natural attributes attract both tourists and permanent residents alike. It has a calm water beach due to its protected position inside Fraser Island and this is the only north-facing beach on the east coast. The calm waters lend themselves to all sorts of watersports. Holidaymakers can sail their yachts, hire jet skis, wind and kite surf, or go fishing in the prolific local waters. Every year between July and November, Hervey Bay is visited by thousands of humpback Whales, and the city is now known as the whale-watching capital of the world.

The Hervey Bay whale-watching fleet is comprised of a dozen or so modern charter boats, many of which have been built especially for the whale-watching industry. There are so many holiday activities in Hervey Bay, that you won’t know which one to choose next.

Fraser Island is the main geographical feature on the Fraser Coast. It is a world heritage-listed wilderness filled with magnificent lakes, wonderful rainforests, and great beaches. Many families come to Fraser Island for their annual holiday with their kids. Most of the island is protected as a National Park. Tours are available to take you from the mainland to see all of the island’s most important beauty spots. These tours leave from Hervey Bay, Rainbow Beach as well as Brisbane. Accommodation on Fraser Island is available at Mercure Kingfisher Bay Resort, Eurong Beach Resort, Happy Valley, and Cathedral Beach.

Barge transfers to the island leave from Inskip Point in the south or the Hervey Bay boat harbor at Urangan or from River Heads. Barge bookings are essential. There are no roads on Fraser Island so you will need to take a four-wheel drive with you. No Fraser Coast holiday is complete without visiting Fraser Island.

Rainbow Beach lies at the southern end of the Fraser Coast or at the northern end of the Sunshine Coast, depending on your perspective. It is a great town with lots of new apartment-style resort accommodations. The beach here is a great surfing beach which is one of its major attractions.

If you haven’t been to the Fraser Coast yet, check out the specials, then why not come for your next holiday?