Mackay Fishing

Mackay is one of the best regions for recreational and reef fishing activities on the east coast of Australia and Mackay Fishing charters are second to none. First, there’s an opportunity to enjoy virtually any fishing style you choose. The magnificent freshwater impoundments stocked with plentiful barramundi as well as other species that will give you some sport. And that’s not to mention the red-claw!

The freshwater rivers and creeks can be challenging to go hunting for barramundi and sooty grunter. The estuaries and saltwater creeks make it easy to collect bait from jigging herring to pumping yabbies. Anglers can choose from fishing from the banks or using a boat to get at the abundant fish that come in spectacular colours, shapes and sizes.

Charter boat operators can take you to a choice from reefs just offshore from the coast or those around the nearby islands. And a little further on is the reef proper, notorious for multiple hook-ups of the sought-after red emperors and coral trout and a multitude of other species of reef fish. Mackay is located in the unique position at the meeting point of northern and southern fish species so anglers have the best of both worlds. For those without their own boat there are great charter and tour options and plenty of beach fishing spots.

So while staying in Mackay in the area be sure to embark on one of the Mackay fishing charters on offer.