Southport Fishing Charters


Southport is the home of all the Gold Coast fishing charters. Because this is the home of the major marina complexes and the Southport Seaway provides access to the open ocean, it is a certainty that your fishing charter will depart from Southport. Almost all of the charter boats here operate half-day timetables. This means you can have a morning or an afternoon trip. it is only a short run to the ocean so you will be fishing very soon after you depart from the marina. Most operators will target specific species. The Sushi trips will be trolling for Pelagics and Tuna are the most prized catch. Reef fishing charters will try to target fish like Pearl Perch and Snapper as well as other delectable table fish. Whatever you choose, you can be sure that Gold Coast fishing charters operating from Southport, will try their best to put you onto a great feed of fish.

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