The city of Sydney Is the largest in Australia and the first place that most international tourists want to visit when the come to Australia. Because of its high international profile due to hosting events like the 2000 Olympic Games and the iconic nature of some of its structures like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, it has become the most popular entry point into the country and a great base from which to see other parts of Australia.

Sydney is a spectacular city, blessed with many natural attractions. The beautiful Sydney Harbour is one of the best in the world and is always alive with yachts and power craft. Ferry’s travel from over a hundred suburban destinations to circular quay in the heart of Sydney’s CBD and this provides a wonderful way to get around and see the city from a different perspective. Ferry’s operate to Taronga Park Zoo which is one of Sydney’s best attractions and they will also take you across to Manly for a day at the beach.

Sydney’s beaches are famous in their own right. Bondi Beach in particular is famous around the world, and when you get to Sydney, you will find that there are twenty or so other beaches that are just as good or even better. Australian love to live by the seaside and Sydney kids grow up at the beach, which accounts for the country’s success in international swimming and surfing competition.The coastline is fantastic with sheer sandstone cliffs dropping of into a clear Pacific Ocean and every bay containing another perfect beach.

The Sydney CBD is home to a huge amount of international standard accommodation. There are hotels, apartments, backpacker hostels and a massive range of self catering accommodation. Places like Darling harbour, the Rocks region under the harbour bridge, Wooloolmooloo and Kings Cross, that are all close to the city center, are popular places to stay. Other area’s around Sydney where you can stay are North Sydney, Chatswood, Parramatta and in the area surrounding Olympic Park at Concord.

There are many places close to Sydney that the international tourist should visit. To the west are the Blue Mountains and here you can see some of the most beautiful mountain and escarpment scenery in New South Wales. Places like the Three Sisters are on every travel brochure and this is a place you need to see for yourself. To the north of Sydney is the Central Coast and the beautiful Hunter Valley. The Hunter region is famous for its wineries and these are surrounded by beautiful resorts, so it is a great place to stay for a few days and taste some beautiful Australian wines from an iconic region. To the south is a coastal paradise where many small fishing villages and magnificent coastal scenery rivals any other Australian region for its natural beauty. It is one of the least developed and prettiest regions in the country.

If Sydney is on your travel itinerary, try to visit all of these wonderful places when you arrive.