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About Us

Australian Travel Wholesalers is an internet based travel company with offices located in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia. It is a family company owned and operated by Geoff and Cathy Wight and has now been in operation for over twenty years. Geoff and Cathy were originally whale watch operators in Hervey Bay and entered the travel industry to promote their whale watching business.

Over time, the travel business grew to a point where the whale watching business was sold and the company began developing travel websites to promote Queensland tourism. Our consultant staff are familiar with almost all the products sold through personal experience. Over the years, we have been to almost every district, Island and tourist attraction throughout Queensland and have inspected hundreds of accommodation resorts personally. was first built in 2002 and later followed by websites for each of the other Australian states, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

There are now over 100 websites within the group. The Companies Australian Business number is 31 645 183 594.

Ph: 07 5641 0114
Email: [email protected]