Airlie Beach Family Accommodation

Family accommodation in Airlie Beach is readily available. Usually, families like to stay in self-catering apartments as they are able to prepare their own food which keeps a lid on the holiday budget. Airlie Beach has plenty of this style of accommodation and fortunately, most of it is of a very high standard. The town of Airlie Beach is compact with the commercial center on a flat section on the waterfront. Most of the family accommodation resorts have been built on the hill overlooking the town so the added bonus of fantastic water views is one of the real advantages of choosing Airlie Beach as your holiday destination. A further advantage is that everything in town is within walking distance so unless you are going out to explore the hinterland, you do not need a car.

Most of the family accommodation is in apartment-style resorts and hotels. Golden Orchid Drive runs right from the center of Airlie Beach up the hill behind and resorts like Whitsunday Terraces, Meditteranean resort, The Pinnacles resort, and Waterfront resort are all located here within walking distance of the town. To the east, and now overlooking the new Port Airlie marina are several new family-style resorts that provide apartment-style holiday accommodation within easy walking distance. They include the new Peppers Coral Coast apartments, Boathaven Resort, Portside Resort, and Whitsunday Vista resort. There are also some good family accommodation options in the surrounding region with Cannonvale providing several options and some of the local caravan parks providing family cabins. Even these are within walking distance of the town of Airlie Beach but it is around a ten to fifteen minutes walk.

Airlie Beach township and Able Point marina are the focal points of most of the holiday activities that are available to participate in. Many families choose to charter a bareboat for their holidays as this provides both their accommodation and the means to explore this tropical island paradise. There is no better family holiday than one spent on the water exploring the Whitsunday Passage.

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