Great Keppel Island Cruises

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There are many interesting and enjoyable Great Keppel Island cruises on offer to those who wish to explore the area from the comfort of one of the many luxury charter boats. Scuba diving trips in the clear waters of Great Keppel Island. Great Keppel Island also has some excellent coral reefs which can be viewed from a glass bottom boat. Trip lengths include half-day morning/afternoon, full-day, overnight, and extended trips for those routing their own way through the water systems of the Great Keppel Island Coast area.

Coral cruise – every day, depart Keppel Bay Marina at 9 am. Glass bottom boat cruise, fish feeding & coral viewing, cruise to the best location on the day to view the wonders of our marine life.

Many trips also provide patrons with a meal depending on what your trip duration is you may have a fully catered dining experience whilst cruising in the lap of luxury. Cruising options range from fully chartered to yacht and skipper hire, you can choose to join a group of people and enjoy a day feasting on the glorious sights the area offers, or as a small group charter your own course through the amazing territory that is Great Keppel Island. So whether you are after a short cruise or a longer cruise to escape from everything, there are certainly going to be some Great Keppel Island cruises available to suit your needs and give you a memorable holiday.