Hamilton Island Golf Information Overview

If you want your own transport on Hamilton Island, you will need to hire or rent a golf buggy for your stay. There is a free shuttle bus service that operates between the marina side, the airport and the Reef View Hotel but if you want to be independent and do some of your own sightseeing around the island, then a golf buggy is the answer. Hamilton Island is fairly hilly so to save your legs and for only $85 per day, you can have your own during your stay. All Golf buggies have a shaded roof, headlights for night driving and drink holders for your favourite cooler.

All the buggies on the island are electric with motorised ones having been phased out over the past year or so for environmental reasons. They are easy to drive and you do need a full licence to drive one. The main hire terminal for golf buggies on Hamilton Island is just across the road from the Reef View Hotel. All the islands roads are sealed so this is a very comfortable and fun experience. Golf buggies are also available for hire at the Hamilton Island Golf course on nearby Dent Island.

When booking your Hamilton Island holiday, ask your travel consultant to arrange to hire a great little golf buggy just for you.

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