Planning a visit to Hamilton Island between May and September will give you the chance to experience one of the most awe-inspiring natural experiences on offer.

Hamilton Island is one of the best places in Queensland for whale watching, particularly later in the season when the mothers come to the warm, shallow waters to give birth to their new babies.

You can often see them from the island itself, so if you are enjoying a morning coffee on your balcony don’t be surprised if you see a huge splash as a whale breaches out in the ocean. The Humpback whales frequently swim past just a few kilometres from the shore and are always jumping out of the water and playing around. Some of the best locations on Hamilton Island to spot the whales are Catseye Beach and Passage Creek.

It’s common to sight whales (along with dolphins, turtles and seabirds) as you travel over to Hamilton Island or by keeping a lookout when you go out on a sailing trip or fishing charter. If you don’t spot them as you go over to the island or if you just want another chance to see them, there are plenty of operators that you can book with to take you on a whale watching adventure.

You can choose to go by boat or if you want to get an entirely different perspective try an excursion by air in a helicopter or a sea plane. Seeing the whales from above gives you a real idea of just how  large and unbelievably agile they are. The operators all work together to make sure that they know where the whales are so you have the best chance of a sighting.

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