Sea Turtle Foundation

Heron Island has a new partnership with the Sea Turtle Foundation.
This is a non-profit, non-government organisation that is dedicated to safeguarding sea turtle populations, migration routes and habitats.

Many guests come to Heron Island to specifically see the incredible Green and Loggerhead turtles which swim in the nearby waters. Heron Island has developed this partnership to provide guests with a greater opportunity to understand and support these amazing creatures.

During the guest’s stay with them, you will be able to experience the positive results of this partnership.

The Foundation hope to buy a “Turtle Stretcher” which will help volunteers and guests to move trapped or stranded turtles, with minimal stress.
In future years the program hopes to set up live webcams, which will follow the nesting and hatching real time online. An acoustic telemetry project is also in the early stages of discussion which will allow satellite trackers to be attached to selected turtles to follow their movements and log the data on their migration.

The Foundation and the Heron Island Resort are hoping these projects will be supported by guest donations that will allow the Sea Turtle Foundation to ensure there are ‘turtles for tomorrow’.

For further information about sea turtles and the work of the Sea Turtle Foundation, please visit