Finding legal places to ride an off-road dirt bike is always a challenge. If you have an unregistered motorcycle, most organized events require you to have a road-registered motorcycle, as is the case with riding on forest roads, or a competition license. In the Queensland area, here is a list of legal riding parks and tracks. Some offer camping facilities and are renowned for a long weekend, while others are perfect for just a day trip.

Queensland offers so many fast, open and technical riding across all all different kinds of terrains. Many of these places are quite remote and fast so always remember to take safety gear, go riding with friends and take plenty of water, petrol and food to get you through a long day of fun!

Best Places to Go Dirt Bike Riding Queensland

Who can ride?


Only licensed riders, whether on highways, local roads, or roads running through state forests and national parks, are allowed on Queensland’s roads. This ensures that riders have been tested to ensure that they are qualified and understand the road rules. All vehicles that use Queensland roads, including trail bikes, need to be registered.

In national parks, state forests, forest reserves, and plantation forests, unlicensed riders can not ride their bikes on roads because they don’t have a license. It’s so simple. So it’s too dangerous for kids to hang around and share the roads with other users, such as four-wheel drivers, logging trucks, and other users, and it’s illegal.

In addition to being excellent places for recreation, forests can also be work sites for logging. Cars, four-wheel drives, logging trucks, mountain bikes, and other motorbikes will often be found sharing the road with you. You’ll be in a much better position to stay safe and enjoy your ride if you ride sensibly.

Riding in a state forest, forest reserve, or national park on the road is the same as riding anywhere else on the road, so you have to comply with the same road rules.


North Queensland


Cape York Motorcycle Adventures

Cape York Motorcycle Adventures in Far Northern Queensland, Australia, is a family business operating fully guided off-road dirt bike tours. The exceptional adventure location between Cairns and Cape York, the Australian continent’s northernmost point, will surprise and delight all motorbikes enthusiasts. Each type of Australian landscape is available, except snow, comprising this vast part of the remote country.


Kuranda and Mobray National Park


Did you know that in Kuranda and Mowbray National Parks, you’re allowed to ride dirt bikes? Kuranda National Park in Far North Queensland, Australia, is a national park. A vital wildlife corridor in which rainforest and open eucalyptus forest predominate is protected by the park. Trail bikes are permitted, but without much fun being challenging, the area is minimal. Stick to tracks that have been developed and be wary of others using the route. Especially in the tourist months, horse riders, mountain bikers, and hikers are quite common.


Herberton Range National Park


Head out of Cairns, and you’ll come across the Herberton Range. This is a great place to ride registered dirt bikes, and this area is often used for tours. Keep in mind that riding a dirt bike is not available in all locations within the Herberton Range. There are purely walking-only tracks and also horse tracks. If you encounter a horse rider, just stop and let them pass you by. They’ll appreciate it, and all responsible dirt bike riders will be able to keep these areas open.


Mackay, Isaac, Whitsundays


Cathu State Forest

Drive north of Mackay for an hour, and you’ll come across the State Forest of Cathu. This is a great place for dirt bikes, and you’re going to have to stay on tracks that have been formed. Also, you can go camping inside the state forest. For a day of riding on the trails, use a map for a reference of where to base yourself. Forest fire trails and tight technical sections are the tracks here. Not so beginner-friendly, but you’re sure to find some flat areas,


Mia Mia State Forest


Rather than driving north, you could go west instead! You’ve found it if you’re looking for more open plains and fast-flowing gravel tracks! The Mia Mia State Forest is an open, mostly eucalyptus-composed forest. Houses are restricted in this way, and you are less likely to find mountain bikers, hikers, or tourists in general. The tracks here are a more open country where triple digits on the speedo can be seen. You can unquestionably go camping here just like Cathu.


Gum Valley Veterans Natural Terrain MX Track


Head south of Mackay for 45 minutes, and you’ll come across this MX track and club. As it runs on natural terrain and has a more prolonged course than most other tracks, it is a bit more unique. The club runs regular events, and at any time, new members are welcome. Some social events, group rides, and beach runs are also run by the club. Whether unregistered or not, they welcome dirt bikes of any size. They’re worth checking out!


Central Queensland


Capricorn Dirt Riders Club

Thirty years ago, the Capricorn Dirt Riders Club was formed by a group of thoughtful off-road motorcycle riders passionate about trail riding, enduro racing, and general dirt bike fun. The club has always been a family-oriented organization, including a strong and well supported junior membership, with riders of all ages and experience levels.


Central Queensland Mini Moto 

At the Gladstone Kart Track, CQ Mini Moto Inc. organises the monthly race sessions safe environments for all to enjoy. A total of 720 meters, consisting of one magnetic strip, is the track itself. It is widely regarded as a “Driver’s Circuit,” set on the side of a hill, offering many challenging off-camber corners and undulating surfaces. At the circuit, lighting is installed, providing some excellent night racing.


Wide Bay Burnett


Toogoom mountain bike trails in Vernon State Forest

Get on your mountain bike and ride through open woodland and over forested hillsides. For other bike riders, walkers, runners, and wildlife follow the signs and watch out. The Toogoom mountain bike trails range from simple to challenging in difficulty. To choose rides suitable for your ability and fitness level, use the trail classification descriptions below.


Darling Downs and South West


Glasshouse Mountains

The Glasshouse Mountains are precisely what we all desire. Forest tracks, some technically challenging sections for those hot days, and lots of shade cover. The National Park of the Glasshouse Mountains is the place where you would like to unleash the throttle. Here in the National Park, dirt bikes are more than welcome, though dogs are not allowed. With 4-4 enthusiasts and many dirt bike riders, the dirt bike tracks in the Glasshouse Mountains become very busy on weekends. 


Beerburrum and Beerwah State Forests


The State Forests of Beerburrum and Beerwah are literally right next door to the Glasshouse Mountains National Park. Most riders decide, given their close proximity, to ride both the state forests and the national park on the same day. If you’re not fully registered, you can participate in one of the many dirt bike tours on the Sunshine Coast. A lot of these are roads for forestry and power lines. There’s also some technical terrain, so you’ll need to have a decent riding ability level.

Mapleton National Park


West of Nambour sits the national park of Mapleton. A mix of open forest runs and tight technical terrain, paired with some really rocky sections, is the terrain. Don’t go on an adventure here alone! Dirt bikes are welcome here, and at the Gheerulla Camping area, you can camp here with a permit. Your trail bike needs to be registered, like all national parks in QLD. Big and heavy motorcycles for adventure can struggle with some of the terrains here.

Motocross Track

South East Queensland


Glen Echo Dirt Bike and Moto Park 

Four natural terrain motocross tracks are available at Glen Echo Dirt Bike and Moto Park. Using their natural bank formations and some man-made jumps and tabletops, they are built at two small creeks’ junction. The terrain varies from creek flats to steep mountains heavily timbered with eucalyptus, hoop pine & some semi rainforest areas, to undulating open & timbered areas.

D’Aguilar National Park


Inside D’Aguilar National Park, there are some fantastic riding trails for dirt bikes coming from Brisbane. Especially around the Mount Mee area, the track is more technical and tight, but you’ll find most of it relatively easy. These tracks are also shared by horse riders, hikers, mountain bikers, and 4 to 4 drivers. Some respect will go a long way if you come across others to keep this majestic place open to all.


Queensland Moto Park


This is the ultimate Moto Park for those in the Brisbane area. It’s unquestionably packed on the weekends, so try to plan for a weekday ride. This location is also loved by Gold Coasters. The Queensland Moto Park is popular with the citizens of Brisbane. Here you can ride unregistered dirt bikes and quad bikes, and it’s just an hour away from Brisbane. They are very family-friendly, only for children, with tracks set aside.


  • Here are a couple more tips you should keep in mind before you set out and explore:
  • Wear your protective gear at all times, particularly if you’re exploring solo.
  • Don’t take the risk of riding without registration. Either get registered for your bike or simply purchase another one.
  • Be respectful of any region you are entering.
  • Avoid private properties. This is a sure-fire way for local landowners to be upset.


Ride safe!

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