Brisbane, the last one standing in Australia’s Olympic race

In 2016, Brisbane decided to launch a bid to host the 2032 Olympic Games. However, most Australians sneered because they thought the parochial state wants to get even with its southern rival states, Melbourne and Sydney.

Sydney and Melbourne had already hosted the Olympic Games in the year 2000 and 1956, respectively. Now their little cousin Brisbane wants to join the club. However, Brisbane’s bid to host the world’s biggest sporting event was ratified by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) members who had a meeting in Tokyo.

In that meeting, the President of the IOC, Thomas, later announced that the XXXV Olympiad Games in 2032 would be held in Brisbane, Australia. After the meeting, those words created a big celebration and fireworks shooting over the Brisbane River.

Some vital facts about the 2032 Olympics

  • The 2032 Olympics will become the third time Australia has hosted the competition. First, it was the 1956 Games in Melbourne, the 2000 Games in Sydney, and now Brisbane in 2032. Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that “Australia knows what is needed to deliver a successful competition.”
  • In February, the IOC handed Brisbane the exclusive rights to negotiate for the Games as part of a new bidding system created to reduce costs, lessen the risk of vote-buying, and stave off controversy.
  • Out of the 80 votes allotted to IOC member nations in Tokyo to determine whether or not they accept to appoint Brisbane as the host state, three abstained, five said NO, while 72 said YES.
  • Celebratory firework filled up the night sky in Brisbane when Annastacia Palaszczuk, the Queensland premier, and the Australian delegation traveled to Tokyo and personally made their case. They signed the contracts and took pictures in Japan.

John Coates, the Australian Olympic Committee president and Vice-President of IOC, said that “Make no mistake, this is a very proud day for Brisbane, Australia. I am grateful to the IOC members for their confidence. Brisbane is genuinely committed to serving the ideals of the Olympic movement. The 2032 Olympic Games will be in the most diligent, grateful, and enthusiastic hands in Brisbane. I make this commitment to every athlete in the world – we will provide you with an unforgettable experience.”

The bid team, led by Palaszczuk, Richard Colbeck, the federal sports minister, and Adrain Schrinner, Brisbane Lord Mayor, made presentations to the IOC. Afterward, the committee members asked them questions on the sustainability of the Games.


Benefits of Hosting the Olympics

The economic merits of hosting the Olympics will be about $17 billion nationwide, with Queensland alone making around $8 billion of the total. Athletes will have to stay at the villages in Brisbane (10,729 beds) and the Gold Coast region (2600 beds) with smaller villages on Wyaralong and Sunshine Coast.

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