Marlin Fishing – Big Fish Down Under

Giant Black Marlin Fishing with Big Fish Down Under in the deep blue waters between Cairns and Lizard Island and out to the continental shelf is unquestionably the World’s premier location for prestigious game fishing and that’s why it’s attractive to many anglers from around the globe. Giant Black Marlin Fishing peak season runs from September through to the end of December and this is generally the best time to come and experience the very best in Australian Game Fishing in Cairns.
Big Fish Down Under and Moana III, 47ft luxury Private Charter Boat, operate exclusive Heavy Tackle Game fishing charters.

The rapidly rising numbers of Black Marlin in this region each year is due to our care of the ocean environment and also our commitment to the health of these beautiful ocean creatures.

The Cairns Marlin Fishing fleet has for many years carried out the tag and release fishing and the use of circle hooks by the Cairns Professional Game Fishing Association members has ensured this area remains the most sustainable fishery for the Giant Black Marlin in the world. These marine giants congregate along 150NM on the seaward edge of the Reef, and along the continental shelf. The reliability of their return each season is what makes the Cairns region so desirable for Giant Black and Blue Marlin Fishing.

Full-day charters are available however, the best way to experience this incredible Giant Black Marlin Fishing is to book an extended charter of 2-7 days and we are happy to do longer trips if required.

What’s included

(Maximum number of guests 10-12)

  • The crew includes Daniel as Skipper, Hostess, and Deck Hand **
  • All fishing equipment and bait,
  • Snorkeling gear including stinger suits,
  • Towels and Sunscreen
  • Water and light refreshments
  • Standard beer & wine (Limited. RSA applies)
  • Morning Tea (fruit platter)
  • Lunch – Fresh Local Ocean Prawns, salads, cold meats, and dessert
  • Afternoon Tea – Snacks /cheese platter


  • A surcharge of $50 per person may apply for numbers exceeding six.

What to bring

Comfortable and practical clothing, sunscreen, cameras, and accessories to capture unforgettable moments.

Departure ports – Cairns, Port Douglas, Cooktown, or Lizard Island.