Hastings Street, Noosa

The Hastings St precinct is the home of the most sought after luxury accommodation in Noosa. Hastings St runs parallel to the main Noosa beach which flanks it to the east and to the west an arm of the Noosa River forms another natural boundary. Along this narrow isthmus is the Hastings St Precinct. This is one of Australia’s most popular tourist locations. Both sides of Hastings St are lined with luxury apartments and resorts houses and rows of trendy boutiques and people dining in cafes and restaurants. The footpaths are always full of bikini clad shoppers on the way to the beach or a favorite eating place for a meeting with friends. The holiday atmosphere here is palpable. The main Noosa beach is world famous, especially when there is a large swell running from the east. At this time the point surf along the headland starts to pump and surfing aficionados from all around flock to Noosa to enjoy the fun.

Some of Queensland’s best luxury accommodation can be found on Hastings St. There are many great resorts and some really good Noosa hotels to choose from. Netanya Noosa, The Emerald, Noosa, The Sheraton hotel, Hotel Laguna, Bella casa and the French Quarter resort all have Hastings St frontage and you can walk out your door and be right in the middle of the holiday action. There is a multitude of places to go including the beautiful Noosa National Park and the best thing is that it is all within walking distance. The Noosa Hill area overlooks Hastings st and the accommodation here commands excellent views over the Noosa river and up the beach on the North Shore towards Rainbow beach and Fraser island.

If you are thinking about a Queensland holiday then come and join the trendy throng of holiday makers in Hastings St Noosa.