Hayman Island Attractions

Hayman Island Attractions & Things To See


Home to a Thriving Natural Ecosystem

Situated at the top of the Whitsundays, Hayman Island is the northernmost island of all 74 in Australia. Aside from being one of Australia’s most awarded luxury stays, it is also a thriving natural ecosystem including migratory dolphins and whales, swamp hens, turtles, and swarms of butterflies.

After a stunning makeover in 2019, this island is absolutely spectacular and one of the most stunning islands in Australia, if not the world. With crystal clear water, the best service imaginable and topped off with amazing and fresh food, you are bound to have the time of your life when visiting this island. QLD Travel have put together a list of the best attractions when visiting Hayman Island

If you are here to relax, a business conference or planning the ultimate island wedding, you are sure in for a treat. Talk to our team to help you plan and book your trip to ensure everything is planned and be informed for everything you need!

Home to the Endangered Proserpine Rock Wallaby

Hayman Island is home to the endangered Proserpine Rock Wallaby. Dough Van Wyk Smith, a Hayman Groundskeeper, confirmed this. Furthermore, he said that there are only 600 or 700 wallabies left in the world and half of these are here on Hayman Island.

A boat ride that afternoon proved his claim. As they beach, they sight two dashing madly away up rocks while a third remains. Late, he caught another eating a newly-planted aloe succulent.

Langford Island

Located near Hayman Island in the northern Whitsundays, Langford Island  is a popular spot with snorkelers, divers, and sailors. Many of the crewed sailing boats and bareboats will anchor near Langford Island.

Langford Island is relatively small but features a long sand spit that disappears at high tide. Most fishes are small, but abundant. Snorkelers will enjoy snorkelling straight off the length of the beach, with the best areas to venture being closest to the island.

Butterfly Bay

One of the local favourites in Hayman Island, Butterfly Bay is excellent diving and snorkelling. The area is protected from the most wind conditions and butterfly habitats found on the bay’s beach at certain times of the year.

Butterfly Bay is a Marine National Park Green Zone. Visitors can do diving, snorkelling, wonderful birdlife, and abundant marine life.

With its great protection from the south east winds, butterfly and bird life, and vast marine, all easily accessible from the beach or off your boat, you can spend an extra night or two to explore this wide bay.

Hayman Island Attractions

Bali Hai Escapade

A coral reef located at Black Island, Bali Hali is one of the best snorkelling locations in the Whitsundays. Spend a couple of hours exploring the bustling marine life and fringing coral reef including the chance to see some sea turtles.

Blue Pearl Bay North Escapade

On the northern side of Hayman Island, Blue Pearl Bay North is only accessible by boat. Take in the amazing marine life by spending a couple of hours at this remarkable location.