Brisbane The Gabba Stadium

The “Gabba” in Brisbane, is the Aussie name for the Brisbane Cricket ground which is located in the suburb of Woolangabba. Over the years Australians have forgotten its real name and it is always referred to as “The Gabba”.

It has an affectionate position in the psyche of the Australian cricket lovers who will remember the many victories that their Australian Cricket team has inflicted on touring teams from England and the Sub Continent. Some of the greatest victories of the past have been scored at the Gabba ground.

In more modern times, the Gabba has become the home ground for the Brisbane Lions AFL team and they have developed a strong following. They are the only team in history to have won three premierships in a row and now on game day, the Gabba is always packed to the rafters.

During the summer months the Gabba resounds to the sounds of leather on willow and during the winter months Australian rules football reigns supreme.

A recent redevelopment of the ground has seen seating capacity increased to around 50000 fans and the stadium always has a sensational atmosphere. It is located in Woolangabba about two kilometres from the center of Brisbane. It lies between Stanley Street and Vulture Streets.

The Gabba is one of Queensland’s iconic structures