Cairns Cruises


With the neighbouring islands, the Great Barrier Reef fringing the shoreline and some of the most spectacular coastline in the country, you can spend as much time as you like exploring the waters off Cairns with a number of wonderful cruises that are sure to delight. Whether you are after a full day, overnight or complete holiday out on the water where you can fill your days with snorkelling, swimming and underwater excursions, fishing, sunsets and luxury cruising at its very best, you can select from a huge range of cruises that will suite all travellers whatever your budget might happen to be.

Cairns Cruises & Boating

The far north Queensland, has been a mecca for fishermen, divers and water lovers alike who can’t seem to get enough of great ocean activities and with the array of cruises that you can book onto all year round you will have every chance to experience it all for yourself.  Plan a team building work event, corporate function, day out on the water with some mates or cruise with the kids for an unforgettable time. Discover one of the best draw cards and attractions that Cairns boasts…. The Ocean!

Crystal clear blue waters and stunning coral reef gardens beacon you to come and explore and with the variety of snorkelling and scuba diving cruises that you can come on board with you can be diving the Great Barrier Reef in no time at all. See beautiful reef fish, moray eels, turtles, passing whales and manta rays all up close and personal for yourself and have included all the equipment you will need as well as a buffet lunch to fill the tank up before jumping back in the water. The onboard crew will assist you with everything that you need and for anyone wishing to go for their diving certificate there are professional staff who will have your scuba diving the deeper ocean waters in no time at all. Snorkelling cruises are ideal for families and anyone who just wants to skim over the reefs and for the avid divers you can join the more advanced cruises.

Fishing cruises will have you throwing a line in around bommies, reefs and deep gullies where reeling in the catch of the day will seem easy. All year round there are numerous fish species to catch making a great seafood dinner that night and for anyone who loves fishing there are overnight and extended fishing to book onto. From sunset cruises, luxury day sailing cruises, cheese and champagne romantic cruises, lunch cruises and island cruises where you can visit the Frankland Islands and Green Island which lie just off shore.

From purpose built ships, to small fishing charters and luxury liners that will have you cruising the ocean waters in style and class, there are so many different cruises for you to book onto when holidaying in Cairns that you may find it hard to decide upon just one. There are rivers and estuaries around Cairns to explore, ocean waters to dive into and fish and stunning scenic cruises as well. Whatever your interest and what you wish to do while in Cairns, find a cruise so that you can experience one of the best attractions that Cairns provides… Its waterways and ocean!

Cruise Options from Cairns

  • Great Adventures – Great Barrier Reef Adventure
  • Sunlover Reef Cruises [Ocean Hotels]
  • Compass Cruises
  • Deep Sea Divers Den – Day Reef Trips
  • Deep Sea Divers Den – Liveaboard Dive Trips
  • Quicksilver Cruises – Outer Barrier Reef
  • Coral Sea Dreaming – Sail and Dive Trips
  • Great Adventures – Green Island Day Adventure
  • Passions of Paradise – Sail and Dive Trips
  • Captain Cook Cruises: 7 Night Cruise
  • Captain Cook Cruises: 3 Night Cruise
  • Captain Cook Cruises: 4-Night Cruise
  • Wavedancer Low Isles Cruises
  • SilverSwift – Outer Barrier Reef
  • SilverSonic – Outer Barrier Reef
  • Deep Sea Divers Den – Taka Dive Adventures
  • Deep Sea Divers Den – Learn to Dive
  • Reef Experience
  • Orion Expedition Cruises

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