Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

The Great Barrier Reef Marine park has been established to protect the ecosystems of the reef so that generations of visitors can enjoy a Great Barrier Reef holiday. The Queensland government has established the Great Barrier Reef marine Park Authority, which has its headquarters in Townsville, to advise and implement protective strategies for the management of the entire ecosystem. It is responsible for fishing activities and zoning, tourist control and water quality through the length of the reef.

Great Barrier reef diving is the most popular pastime here.Along the length of the reef there are a myriad opportunities to join local diving companies on a diving expedition or tour

Great Barrier Reef sailing is allowed in most areas. Moorings are now being established through many of the most popular anchorages to protect the coral from anchor damage. Having many parts protected also lessens that chances of human damage occurring!

Many governmental groups and environmental activists are continually trying to get the message out about the conservation of this precious environment. With its many inhabitants that call these waters home, we should all try to keep the Great Barrier Reef beautiful so that our future generations can experience it as well in all its glory.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is a treasure to us all, so why don’t you come and experience it for yourself and be in awe of its natural and astounding beauty.

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