Townsville Diving

Diving fanatics love to come to Townsville to experience the superb dive adventures that they can have in the Townsville region. There are a number of tour operators that operate from Townsville and some of the diving destinations here are world famous. The best known of these is the shipwreck of the “Yongala” and the dive here is quoted as being among the top ten dives in the world. The wreck of the Yongala is located south of Townsville and not far from the coastal town of Ayr.

The Yongala is one of the most intact historical shipwrecks in Australia. It lies in 14 to 28 meters of water which makes it ideal for the certified diver to explore. The Yongala was sunk by a cyclone in 1911 and lies 11 nautical miles of the Queensland coast near Cape Bowling Green. 122 passengers were lost with the ship. Dive trips are available on a regular basis for experienced divers and the trip out from Ayr only takes 30 minutes.

Townsville is also close to the outer coral reefs and several trips are available that take divers there. You can choose from a day tour or an extended tour depending on how much time you have available and how much you can afford to spend. Because the reef waters are further from the coast in the Townsville region, the reefs themselves are generally in better condition than those that are closer to the coast and damage from agricultural runoff. Diving in the Townsville region is generally considered to be among the best in Queensland.