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Holiday information for Moreton Island, Stradbroke Island, and Russell island

Moreton Island Dolphins

The Moreton Bay Islands which consist of Moreton Island Russell Island and Stradbroke Island, offer a wonderful range of island experiences all so close to the capital city of Brisbane. You can skip over to many places on a vehicle barge for a day at the beach, or stay longer at one of the many camping grounds, hotel-motels, backpacker hostels or island resorts such as Tangalooma Island Resort. Most Moreton Islands accommodation is within easy walking distance of the local beaches.

Moreton Island one of the largest sand islands in the world, is 38 kilometres long and predominantly made up of National Park, Moreton Island is truly a natural beauty. Just 35 kilometres and a two-hour barge trip from Brisbane, Moreton Island offers a range of affordable accommodation, from camping to cabins and resort holiday units. For the keen surfer you must not miss the waves at North Point, Honeymoon Bay and along the untouched 36 kilometres of the island's eastern beach.

Moreton Island Aerial View

Divers can explore the breathtaking offshore reefs including Curtin Reef and the Tangalooma Wrecks, which offer an assortment of fish life and coral formations. There are many activities that the island hosts including 4WD tours, fishing, sand tobogganing and many more.

Moreton Bay laps against the shores of the island's western seaside towns creating the opportunity for vast fishing activities.

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