Brisbane whale watching charter boats often pass close to the island on their trip to see the southern humpback whales. Many charter boats make their way out to the migrating whales that pass by each year so you can witness these powerful creatures at play in their natural habitat. And with them coming so close to the boat, as they are inquisitive creatures, you will find it hard to resist, just reaching out and touching them.

There are also many mysterious wreck and dive sites for you all you avid divers to explore and discover and even for anyone that just wants to float around on the top of the water and do some snorkelling you can still admire the beautiful underwater world that surrounds this magnificent island that lies just off the coast of Queensland.

The island is also home to a lighthouse that provides a breathtaking walk to the top of the mountain to see this main attraction in all its glory. Great for all fitness levels, anyone can do it! You may like to join one of the nature walks through the National Parks or embark on an exciting eco tour to learn about the island and its many inhabitants that call it home.

In any of these locations you can sit, relax and soak up the nature vibrancy that makes up this pristine island. Enjoy some shopping, dining, entertainment or sightseeing that can be found in and around these main tourist locations.

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