Fraser Island Activities

Holiday activities on Fraser Island will keep your family entertained for days. If you are booking into Fraser Island accommodation, you will find that there are plenty of activities close by to keep the whole family amused.

Four wheel driving is the order of the day on Fraser Island as there are no made roads and the kids will love to go exploring the lakes and rainforests or drive along the ocean beach.


Fraser Island Activities lake mckenzie

Fishing is one of Fraser Island’s most popular activities. The beaches are usually the best and the deep gutters and rips can produce a multitude of different species. Dart and flathead are common. Around the Indian Head region large catches of tailor are common and many other species as well. The annual fishing classic on Fraser Island is one of its major attractions and tens of thousands of visitors every year. It is a catch and release event to make sure that fish stocks in the region remain strong. First prize is usually a four wheel drive vehicle.

Organised tours are another great activity that you and your family can do. Either from Rainbow Beach in the south or from Hervey Bay in the north, you can join a tour that will take you to experience all of the islands beauty spots.

On the ocean beach you will visit Eli Creek, where you can swim in crystal clear fresh water then visit the wreak of the old Maheno whose rusting structure still defies the elements as she slowly decomposes. The coloured sands are just a little further north. Inland you will see pristine lakes and visit age old rainforests with magnificent stands of tall trees.

One of the most popular holiday activities on Fraser Island is camping, and tens of thousands of campers visit the island every year. Some are family groups with their own equipment while others are backpackers who hire a vehicle and camping gear from suppliers in Hervey Bay or Rainbow Beach. They all have a great time and go home singing the praises of the fabulous specials, activities and attractions on Fraser Island.