Fraser Island Attractions

The beauty spots on Fraser Island and the history will take your breath away. Some of the things you will see when you visit Fraser Island, although different from the things you will see in other parts of the world, will astound you with their natural beauty. Fraser Island is famous for many things but the thing you will cherish most are the memories of its magnificent lakes and rainforests and the clarity of the beautiful streams. Fraser Island is very easy to get to. You can fly direct to Hervey Bay from Sydney or Melbourne or you can bring your own four wheel drive vehicle and bring it across on the barge from either Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay. If you are not self driving you can join one of the organised tours that run daily to the island. These tours can take you for one, two or three days and the extended ones are accommodated on the Island.

The places that you must visit while visiting Fraser Island include.

Central Station

This region is the main camping and administration area for the rangers who control the island. Here you will find Woongoolba Creek which is one of the islands major waterways. It is crystal clear and winds through the local rainforests. A boardwalk has been built parallel to its banks to protect the local ecosystems. The rainforest here are quite spectacular and you can follow the boardwalk all the way to Pile valley where you will see giant Satinay trees. It was from this region that these trees were logged to provide the wall linings of the Suez canal.

Lake McKenzie

This lake is the most photographed icon on Fraser Island. It consists of the clearest fresh water you will ever see surrounded by beaches of pure white silica sand and windswept paperbark trees bent into magnificent shapes.

Eli Creek

This is the largest freshwater creek on the ocean beach side of the island. It pours tens of thousands of litres of the purest fresh water into the ocean each day. It is surrounded by a boardwalk and is one of Fraser Island’s most popular swimming places.

The Maheno Shipwreck and the Coloured Sands. 

The Maheno was wrecked on the ocean beach in the thirties. It has been used as a target for bombing practice during the war years yet it still presents an impressive sight for tourists travelling along the beach. The coloured sands are located nearby and here you will find beautiful sand cliffs with a myriad different colours.

Indian Head and the Champagne Pools. 

Indian head is the only rock area on Fraser island. All the rest of it is sand. The headland provides a fantastic vantage point to overlook the ocean and from here you will often see turtle and sharks swimming below. The champagne Pools are a fantastic place for a swim as the waves continually wash more water into the pools as you swim.

There are many other places to go however these are the most commonly visited beauty spots on Fraser Island.