Lady Elliot Island Travel Guide

Lady Elliot Island is the most southerly island within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. It lies 85 kilometres north-east of Bundaberg and is an unspoilt coral cay which is actually part of the reef. The diving there is incredible with 10 dive sites including Lighthouse Bommie, Coral Gardens, Moiri and Shark Pool. The visibility is excellent and ranges from 25 to 50 metres. Explore the many shipwrecks in the waters off the Island.

Lady Elliot Island resort is low key Australian island resort, relaxed and environmentally oriented, with important turtle and bird rookeries. It also boasts a reef education centre for a close up on nature. The island is a popular scuba diving and snorkelling location due to its interesting dive sites. The resort has no phones, no TV, no radio & no hassles. Sea turtles including the endangered Loggerhead Turtle nest on Lady Elliot during the summer month from late afternoon through until early morning from November to January. Baby turtles can be seen scampering to the ocean from January until April usually under the cover of darkness.

Lady Elliot Island sits on top of the southern most reef on the Great Barrier Reef. Its historic lighthouse has guided shipping through this section of the reef for over a half a century and is a landmark on the island itself. Its cast iron clad timber frame was prefabricated and shipped to the island in sections prior to being erected.

A true island paradise – Lady Elliot Island, visit it today!

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