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A Holiday Guide to Gold Coast Accommodation


As one of Australia’s leading and most popular holiday destinations, the Gold Coast in south east Queensland, provides an incredible supply of accommodation for tourists, holiday makers and corporate visitors. With the range of visitor demographics that the industry must cater for, this supply comes in a number of different styles and configurations. This includes hotels of all standards, apartments and penthouses, backpacker hostels, holiday homes and caravan park style cabins.

The Gold Coast also has many different destinations within the coastal region and each one of these tends to attract a different demographic, with the consequence that the style of accommodation that has developed in that particular region is more suitable for that particular demographic. For instance, Surfers Paradise attracts a majority of international travellers and corporate visitors and for this reason, the accommodation in Surfers Paradise tends more towards the hotel style.

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Gold Coast Holiday Apartments

A large percentage of the Gold Coast’s holiday visitors are families. This has been the case ever since the Gold Coast became popular as a tourist destination in the 1960’s. Over the years, since that time, a huge amount of infrastructure has been put in place that reinforces the desire of families to holiday in the Gold Coast region. The Gold Coast theme parks are an excellent example of this as they rely on the desire of children and families for the kind of entertainment that they provide and let’s face it, which of us has children that don’t want to go to Dreamworld, Seaworld or Movieworld. Families on holiday are drawn towards apartment style accommodation and holiday homes. The apartment industry on the Gold Coast surpasses anything you will see in any other tourist destination in Australia. There are tens of thousands of them to choose from and they are available in every suburb of the Gold Coast. Looking back at the Gold Coast from the ocean, all you can see is an endless skyline of high rise apartment resorts each with its own range of holiday facilities and attractions.

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Gold Coast Resort and Hotel Accommodation


Almost all of the best Gold Coasts tourist and holiday accommodation is situated either on the beach front or within a couple of hundred meters of it. The surf and the beaches are the Gold Coast’s most important natural attraction and everyone would like to stay in an apartment with a view of the ocean and be as close to the beach as they can afford. The Gold Coast also has lots of specialty accommodation. For families there are resorts that cater especially for their needs. Some have facilities that cater for kids of all ages and include meal packages, babysitting services and organised activities to keep the kids occupied all day long. At the other end of the scale, there are places that cater for the world’s wealthiest patrons. The Palazzo Versace is the ideal example of this with its six star accommodation and service and a lifestyle that is reserved only for the most fortunate travellers.

Whatever it is that attracts you to visit the Gold Coast you will find that the accommodation itself, can also be one of the regions best attractions. There is also a specials section to save you money when special rates are available. Call us now on freecall 1800 815 378 from within Australia or email us from overseas to arrange your Gold Coast accommodation.

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